35.NW Nordic walking through the cancer journey. Cristina González Castro.


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Nordic walking in the oncological process.
The guest of the podcast is Cristina González Castro.
Nordic walking trainer INWA, creator of the MRM ® Nordic Walking Certification, author of the book "The path of the good life" and 4 more books.
Facebook | Instagram | 4trebol.com | 4trebolcampus.com
The questions asked to the quest:
01:17 How did you start nordic walking?
02:35 Did you take any special training and where?
04:46 How did you decide to move to Spain?
06:27 Were you specially qualified for working with cancer patients?
08:49 What are specific features of working with such groups of walkers?
16:06 What is the reason for the movement with closing and opening arm?
17:30 Do Nordic Power poles help to make accent on our arm?
19:08 What should patients be aware of?
24:00 What is the most difficult part of such classes for an instructor?
26:25 In what countries have you met the most proficient instructors?
29:38 What is the target group of your online campus?
35:55 Can instructor use field tests to motivate their clients?
43:15 What disappoints you in NW world and how would you solve these problems?
44:53 How instructors can get united and not compete with each other?
49:19 What are the main issues concerning elbow injuries of nordic walkers?
52:20 Can you make a living in Europe working as a nordic walking instructor?
The host of the podcast is Alexander Mekh.
The head of the Nordic walking school in Belarus, where you can undergo training from a beginner to an instructor, purchase poles and equipment for classes, become a member of club events, online training and distant training.
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