NEA Political Contributions to Joe, Kamala, and other Far-Left Democrats


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It is no secret that the NEA, also know as the National Education Association has very liberal views. In 2020 so far it has been to the tune of $3.7 million in contributions, $2.5 million in lobbying, and $5.8 million in outside spending. Many of their members are Conservative, but NEA doesn’t care. They have drawn their line in the sand, and they have made know who they will support. As we are coming to an end of the 2020 campaign season, I felt it was important to provide you with the truth. That being said, episode #4 will discuss The National Education Association, also known as NEA, and their political contributions to Joe, Kamala, and Far-Left Democrats.
Big Political Contributions by NEA

Let us begin by stating with the 2020 political contributions. NEA has made $3,795,006 in political contributions. Not grants, not teacher supplements, or even school PPE. $3.7 million given to politicians. This includes almost $70,000 to the Joe Biden campaign. The National Education Association’s political contributions go deeper than just the Biden campaign. Democrat candidates have received 98.35% of the monies coming from the largest teacher union in the country. So who are the candidates getting this money, and how much are they getting?

According to campaign filings, the numbers of contributions from the NEA are as follows. In the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi raked in $11,471. While squad members followed suit with Ilhan Omar, $10,952, Rashida Tlaib, $4,256, Ayanna Pressley, $2,207, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, $2,769. But the contributions do not end in the House. Now let us look to the Senate. Elizabeth Warren brought in $20,417, Vice-Presidental candidate Kamala Harris, $9,896, and Gary Peters $20,945, which was the largest amount.

So to be fair, the NEA has given a contribution to Lindsey Graham of $5. And they also gave a contribution to the Trump Campaign of $40. True it is not quite the amount that the education association gave the Biden campaign, but at least they gave. I hope that you can detect my sarcasm. Be sure to listen to the podcast for full details, and of course sign-up for the newsletter below.
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