Robert Greene: Learn the Laws of Human Nature, Master Your Darkside, and Learn to Understand People Better & More


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Self-awareness is that thing many people claim to have but in no time at all you know this person is completely unaware of themselves. Our versions of reality seem to fall in line with the narrative and stories we constantly remind ourselves of, but the truth is, we’ve constructed a reality shaped and influenced by emotions that were never truthful from the beginning. Robert Greene, just released another book, The Daily Laws, and he joins Tom in this episode to share his profound wisdom and understanding of human nature. He beautifully peels back the layers of complexity around how we are able to perceive the world around us and the way in which we fit into our own stories. The main point Robert drives home is the power of detaching yourself from the emotions and egos to take an honest assessment of what you are truly experiencing.
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0:00 | Introduction to Robert Greene
0:51 | Reading Words and Behaviors
5:06 | Unhealthy Relationship Loops
9:25 | Developing Awareness
12:21 | Detaching Emotion & Ego
16:33 | Self Analysis & Illusion
24:33 | See the World As It Is
30:35 | Shift from Blame to Power
34:30 | Untruthful Emotions
41:42 | Change Attitude with Belief
48:42 | What Is Sublime
59:02 | Experiencing the Sublime
1:12:22 | Daily Struggle for Joy
1:18:00 | The Problem with Hope
1:25:58 | Abilities Taken for Granted
1:30:30 | Processing Data Quickly
1:36:29 | Envy & Comparison
“Deal with the world the way that it actually is, and not the way that you wish it were.” Tom Bilyeu [0:26]
“We completely take appearances for reality. That's sort of the source of our problems and our misery to be honest with in life.” [1:10]
“When you're very young you're extremely vulnerable, you're extremely open to the energies of other people in ways we don't understand right now.” [6:38]
“So awareness is everything, the ability to look at yourself, realistically, and understand you're saying, see things as they are, see the world as it is. It begins with yourself, seeing yourself as you are.” [11:28]
“If we saw completely into ourselves, we would hate ourselves so thoroughly, we wouldn't get out of bed, we would all be killing ourselves, you do need a degree of illusion, you need a degree of self esteem and confidence” [20:14]
“We're so attuned to what's cool, to what other people are doing out there, what other people are saying that we lose kind of an intuitive grasp of who we are.” [22:50]
“The source of your power in life is your attitude towards the world.” [25:17]
“When you take 100% ownership, and you look at your life and say, My life is an exact reflection of choices that I've made. Now, if I want it to be different, then I just need only make different choices” Tom Bilyeu [32:39]
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