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Anglo-Saxon England is a podcast looking at the history of Anglo-Saxon England, beginning with the end of Roman Britain and ending with the Norman Conquest. We will not only talk about the history but also the literature, culture, and historiography of the Anglo-Saxon period. This show strives to offer an accessible but scholarly rigorous overview that will appeal both to beginners and to experts.
The Wanderer. This is a podcast for Anglo-Saxon Heathenism. We will discuss subjects such as Yggdrasil, the world tree, the Anglo Saxon Runes, The people who were alive at the time when Heathenism was the only religion open to them, how the people worshipped their gods, and which gods were most popular to different sections of Anglo Saxon Society. This is a PayPal link if anyone wants to donate a dollar or a pound to help keep the podcast going.
The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 saw the British Empire at the height of its power facing a small band of highly mobile Boers in South Africa. The war introduced the world to the concentration camp and is regarded as the first war of the modern era where magazine rifles, trenches and machine guns were deployed extensively. British losses topped 28 000 in a conflict that was supposed to take a few weeks but lasted three years.
Do the Anglo-Saxons still have relevance? Do they really matter? I’d like to posit that they do, and in this podcast, we'll be hearing directly from the Anglo-Saxons themselves in order to better understand who these people were and how they viewed the world around them. Join me, as we read from Bede's Ecclesiastical History, Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Beowulf, and more.
Anglo Files

Anglo Files

LaunchPod 2019

Anglo Files is a podcast that takes a look at the weird and wonderful events and traditions that take place across the UK, and see how the history of the country have shaped them. I, Jack Claramunt, will meet the people that ensure these affairs are embedded in today’s British culture and see how the UK cherish and enjoy these quirky customs. Anglo Files was one of the three finalists for LaunchPod 2019, the UK’s first podcast competition. See for privacy and opt-out inform ...
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Offa of Mercia is one of the great figures of Anglo-Saxon history. Casually known in English textbooks, his true greatness is often only alluded to. He was a great visionary king who aspired to remake the political system of Mercia, to centralise it, and even to found an empire in Britain. Credits – Music: 'Wælheall' by Hrōðmund Wōdening https://ww…
Athelbald of Mercia was yet another Anglo-Saxon king to return from exile and rejuvenate a stagnating kingdom. More than any king we've discussed so far, he fundamentally altered the way politics in his kingdom worked through daring use of royal power to cement the position of the king of Mercia as a legal warrior diplomat at the head of an economi…
After Penda's death in 655, Mercia faced a grim future. Cowed by a dominant Northumbria and ruled by a puppet king there seemed to be little hope for the people of march. But, in the shadows, nobles plotted with Penda's second-born. The puppet was killed and when Oswiu's attention was elsewhere, they raised their banner in rebellion to expel the No…
Penda's career is one of the most dramatic in Anglo-Saxon history yet very little is known about him apart from what others tell us about him. In this episode I cut through the uncertainty to give you a glimpse of this man, what he accomplished, and how he not only helped forge a singular Mercian identity but also set the stage for future Mercian s…
A Choice of Anglo-Saxon Verse contains the Old English texts of all the major short poems, such as 'The Battle of Maldon', 'The Dream of the Rood', 'The Wanderer', and 'The Seafarer', as well as a generous representation of the many important fragments, riddles and gnomic verses that survive from the seventh to the twelfth centuries, with facing-pa…
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