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Лучшие Animated Fiction подкасты, которые нам удалось найти
Лучшие Animated Fiction подкасты, которые нам удалось найти
Мы освещаем фаворитов, таких как Губка Боб Квадратные штаны, Вселенная Стивена, Супермен, Симпсоны, Южный парк, Жемчуг дракона и другие. Эти подкасты предлагают подробные анимационные идеи, фанфары, сюжетные линии, мнения, новости, мелочи и многое другое, гарантируя, что вы являетесь участником дискуссий, ведущихся по всему миру.

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Abby and Stacy went back to their bi-coastal roots and recorded separately in their own homes for some socially distant podcasting this week! They hope that the dulcet tones of Dame Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music" (1965) will help to soothe listeners' quarantine woes!
Stacy and Abby explore James Cameron's surprisingly close-to-perfect historical depiction of Titanic (1997). From the old couple in the bed to the very carpet used on set, almost every character and image you see has some basis in fact. Besides the love story so, you know, the main plot.
For Passover, Stacy and Abby try their hands at historical theology with the Moses story in The Prince of Egypt (1998). From analyzing the science behind the plagues, to pinning down which century this story takes place in, they will discover the history behind ancient myth is sometimes as murky and convoluted as a river of blood.…
This Valentine's Day immerse yourself in the political/personal love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in The Young Victoria (2009). Julian Fellowes and Jean-Marc Vallee distinguish themselves as the most historically accurate filmmakers Stacy and Abby have yet covered, by far.
In their inaugural episode, Abigail Brosh and Stacy Shirk take a look at 20th Century Fox's Anastasia (1997). Spoiler alert: Anastasia is dead, St. Petersburg should be Leningrad, and the Russian Revolution wasn't caused by a curse. The actual mystery: is Rasputin's penis real?
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