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You Blew It! But You Don't Want To Admit It...."I was going to sleep with a hot guy, but I had too many tacos and farted""I blew off a job offer at Ebay in the early days....and then Ebay blew up""I was venting about my boss to a coworker assuming they would keep it quiet....It came up in my employee review"…
What's the REAL Reason You Don't Have a Relationship With Them Anymore?"They took advantage of our churches kindness""I don't know what happened. BFFs in college, went to her wedding...haven't talked in 5 years"Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Kristin is considering leaving her husband and son and taking her daughter to Arizona. The Husband and son are loving Minnesota, but Kristin and her daughter miss their home in Arizona. What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Jenna is having an affair that she is loving....a little too much. Too add to the situation, she is a real estate agent and they are getting down and dirty in client properties! The man is sort of a family friend (if all of this isn't enough).What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Chris is REALLY confused by his girlfriend. When chatting about marriage, she won't accept his last name because her EX HUSBANDS name sounds 'cool'. She thinks Chris has a bad last name for her. On top of this, she has a bit of a strange relationship with her best friend (who's a lesbian).What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?…
Staci is dating a guy who 'basically hates fun'. He's a successful entrepreneur & a good looking man, but he's kind of stiff. He 'doesn't believe in vacations', eats the same boring meals, and won't do anything that takes away from him making progress in his business.What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?…
What's The Weirdest Compliment You've Ever Received?"I bet you're a BEAST beneath the sheets""An old man once told me I "Developed nicely" as a 30 year old""The ice cream man hit on me and called me the "milky white queen""Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Megan really likes her new boyfriend. From the beginning, he didn't want her to meet his family because of obesity, disease and other physical issues. Now she's second guessing everything.What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Susan has been keeping a secrete from her family. She's engaged to a man who's in prison! She traveled with her church group to help prison inmates, and then she fell in love with one!What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Michelle is dating a 10/10 hottie. They were recently chatting about how politics and society are completely draining. Michelle jokingly said they should go live off grid. Little did she know, he really wants to do it and live in a shipping container in Montana.What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?…
After all the years of Love 'Em Or List 'Em we've never had a story like this.Adam proposed to his girlfriend...she said maybe. You'll have to listen to the episode to hear these crazy reasons why!What do you think? Love 'Em Or List 'Em?Crisco, Dez and Ryan
What Place Brings Back Embarrassing Memories?"The dog park where I lost my virginity""Wisconsin Dells. My ex woke me up at 6am, dumped me, and left me there to find a ride home"""Stillwater bowl. New shoes stuck to the floor and I face planted!"Crisco, Dez and Ryan
She already knew this would sound bad. She's catfishing her own daughter 'out of love'. She sees her daughter as a beautiful young woman but she is really introverted. When she was checking in on her daughter's profile, she found her son!What do you think?Crisco, Dez and Ryan
What's the ONE Thing You Refuse to Change About Yourself?"The fact that everything about me is all natural""I'm blunt as it gets with no filter. You'll never have to guess what I'm thinking""My love for PUMPKIN SPICE!"Crisco, Dez and Ryan
Ian has a 3rd wheel in his marriage and it's been a day one issue. His wife has always been somewhat in love with another man. Ian has enabled the situation in some ways and let her go to Florida once a year to spend with the other man. Now, the other man is getting married and it may lead into an EXTREMELY awkward moment. What do you think? Love '…
What's The Most Embarassing Thing That's Happened at a Funeral?"Walked into the wrong funeral!""My grandpas funeral. My dad introduced his new wife to my mom. Not the best time for that.""I was requested to sing at my grandmas funeral. I blanked on the lyrics!"Crisco, Dez and Ryan
What's Your Unpopular Opinion?"Michael Jackson...overrated""Summer is the worst season of the year. I'd take a Minnesota winter over a Minnesota summer every day of the week""Now that TJ said Nickelback is good I'm second guessing whether they are good..."Crisco, Dez and Ryan
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