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DALEMAN.. dadakan.. malem-malem.. kurang kerjaan.. Obrolan ringan dari sekumpulan HomoSapiens yang membahas hal apapun yang bisa dibahas. Cocok untuk menemani waktu senggang kalian disaat kalian sedang tidak mendengarkan Podcast lain.
NASCAR’s 15-time Most Popular Driver and winner of two Daytona 500s, Dale Earnhardt Jr., hosts his very own podcast, The Dale Jr Download on Dirty Mo Media. Earnhardt and co-host Mike Davis raise the bar with unparalleled perspective, candid commentary, and fascinating, first-person insight into the life of a broadcaster, celebrated racer.
Zerocarbonista is the podcast from green entrepreneur and climate change campaigner, Dale Vince. From building his first windmill in 1996 to taking Forest Green Rovers Football Club vegan in 2015 and becoming a United Nations Ambassador in 2019, Dale Vince has made saving planet his life’s mission. Hear more from Dale and his guests in every episode.
The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale

The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale

The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale

Prepper News and Survival Tips. A podcast about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and politics. This is not your typical basic prepping podcast. We dive onto a wide range of topics like current events, politics, technology and anything else that helps us stay prepared for whatever challenges life might throw at us.
Le Rock est présent dans la vie de chacun, bien plus que ce que l'on peut imaginer. Alex met en lumière tous ces grands tubes qui se sont inspirés de près ou de loin au monde du Rock. Hip-Hop, World Music, Dance,.. tous les styles musicaux viennent se servir dans le répertoire infini du Rock.
Iain Dale in the Evening is broadcast on LBC Monday-Thursday 7-10pm. Each day kicks off with the LBC Newshour in the first hour and a phone-in on one of the big stories of the day in the final hour. 8-9pm Monday-Wednesday, it's ‘Cross Question’, LBCs weekly political panel debate show. Hear all of Iain’s show with the news and travel taken out.
Zastanawiacie się, co ja tutaj robię? Po prostu nigdy nie jest za późno, żeby próbować nowych rzeczy. Dlatego witam Was w zupełnie nowej odsłonie w moim podcaście, W ŚWIECIE #DALEJ. Mówi się, że ciekawość to pierwszy stopień do piekła, ale dla mnie był to zawsze pierwszy krok do odkrywania nowego, do sprawdzania, co kryje się za zamkniętymi drzwiami, za kolejnym zakrętem. Od najmłodszych lat zawsze chciałam wiedzieć i widzieć co jest DALEJ. Chciałam i chcę doświadczać WIĘCEJ Zapraszam Was na ...
Welcome to Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast, where we seek to uncover what leadership means in today’s world. Hosted by Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie, we’ll be talking to diverse leaders across various industries to help unlock your potential for success. We’ll be sharing real-life insights into leadership—which in turn can help spark the next level of your growth as a leader.
Poems are practical. They have sharp elbows and can take care of themselves. Poems help us in many ways. Still, you can't force a poem to do anything. However, once it decides, you can't stop it either. Join me at the intersection of poetry and remembrance, understanding, growth, balance, inspiration, gratitude, and healing. Here you'll find poetry earning a living, one word at a time.
You know it’s important to manage your finances, but who has time to learn everything there is to know about financial planning? Join author and radio show personality Dale Buckner as he interviews experts throughout the industry about everything from protecting your principal to managing your investments. If you’re struggling to keep track of all aspects of your finances, need to prepare for retirement, or don’t know where to start, you need Dale on your side.
THE Presentations Japan Series is powered by with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The show is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of presentations, who want to be the best in their business field.
THE Sales Japan Series is powered by with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The show is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of sales, who want to be the best in their business field.
Dale Borglum (Ram Dev) founded and directed the Hanuman Foundation Dying Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the first residential facility in the United States to support conscious dying. He has been the Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project in Santa Fe and since 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the co­author with Ram Dass, Daniel Goleman and Dwarka Bonner of Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook, Bantam Books and has taught meditation since 1974. Dale lectures and giv ...
The Japan Business Mastery Show aims to draw back the velvet curtain on what is rerally going on with doing business in Japan. Everything is so different here it can be confusing. This show will take you through all those minefields and position you for success in this market.
THE Leadership Japan Series is powered with great content from the accumulated wisdom of 100 plus years of Dale Carnegie Training. The Series is hosted in Tokyo by Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan and is for those highly motivated students of leadership, who want to the best in their business field.
Japan's Top Business Interviews is the premier business interview podcast for people who want to know more about business in japan. The guests cover a range of industries and organisation sizes, to present a thorough overview of issues with leading in Japan. If you are a leader, especialy someone leading in Japan, then this is the podcast for you.
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Yates, a name synonymous with power. Master engine builder Doug Yates, son of NASCAR Hall of Famer Robert Yates, comes to "the table of truth" to share stories with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and co-host Mike Davis, about a family legacy filled with ups, downs and everything between. Growing up in North Carolina, the epicenter of modern stock car racing, …
We have all heard that business advice to “work on your business, not in your business”. When we are the owner of the business we can sometimes forget this, because we love doing the sales ourselves and spending time establishing relationships with our clients. I know this a problem for me, because the successful sales process is like a drug and yo…
In this show, we go over some of the steps Brian has taken to avoid people while traveling (Bugging Out), some things that make prepping far easier than it was a couple of decades ago, and our top 10 list of prepping websites. We also go over toilets and showers in a disaster or SHTF […]DaleG
Are you looking for ways to improve your book marketing efforts? Would you like a resource that handles all your graphic design needs for promoting your books? Then, look no further than Book Brush! Whether you want to create your own book cover, make A+ content for your Amazon product page, or produce a book trailer, Book Brush has what you need. …
We think of our presentations as something we give to an audience physically in the room with us or these days, maybe to an audience trapped in tiny little boxes on the computer screen. Media interviews come up rarely for most business people. This medium requires a very specialised skill set to do it properly. Amateur business leaders up against t…
You've spent your career working towards a fulfilling post-work life, only to get hit by taxes on your retirement income. But does it have to be this way? This week, Dale sits down with registered CPA John Kletchka to discuss the step you can take to minimize your tax bill during your retirement.Dale Buckner
Can we be smart but not wise? Our old wisdom is failing us in dramatic ways. We have ecological challenges everywhere we look, from climate, to soil erosion, to deforestation, to habitat destruction, to vast plastic and chemical pollution, to extinctions, to ocean acidification. What happens when we forget the new ecological stories we most need to…
Dog trainer Wendy DeCarlo talks about puppy classes and dog training methods, but first we share our hope for a beloved dog trainer, Karen Okura who has serious health challenges. Karen was the head trainer for many years at the Anti Cruelty Society, demonstrating support for adopting homeless dogs with behavior problems only using positive reinfor…
Pablo y Lui hablan del terrible partido jugado en Colorado donde LAFC vivió una pesadilla de primer tiempo. El portero suplente fue el héroe por haber evitado la goleada. Canción: Guatemala - Doctor Nativo https://open.spotify.com/track/0Gnu6sK3vS6CfE0pJgSTYh?si=aaa8f38075f54b1d
James Yamanaka is currently the President of BAT Japan. Mr. Yamanaka has had a truly global career, he started out at Deloitte in Consulting, then moved on to work in the Telecom industry and then started at BAT and his career has mostly been at BAT. Mr. Yamanaka is a 4th generation Japanese American; he grew up in California, started his education…
We open with bombshell news from Ian and digest a rollercoaster week in the life of Forest Green Rovers. We look at the warning signs society continues to ignore, and wonder how airlines can make their homework, yet still miss their own targets. Lots of your questions too!!Dale Vince
This time on Healing at the Edge, Ram Dev discusses dying. We learn how we can see death as a mirror and how to cope with the bittersweetness of life. Explore the intersection of Buddhism & Bhakti at the inaugural Love Serve Remember Summer Mountain Retreat August 25th - 29th in Boone, NC! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and Califor…
We know storytelling is an effective communication medium but so what, are we any good at it. Storytelling in sales is our ability to express ourselves in a way which is engaging and persuasive. We capture the attention of the buyer because we have taken the client to a world unexpected. This might be because the real essence of their problem has j…
En el episodio de hoy: Nos vamos al sexto partido en todas las eliminatorias de Play-Offs. La lesión de Ja. Monty Williams COY. Jokic MVP por segundo año consecutivo. Nuevo entrenador para Sacramento Kings. La renovación de RoCo. Las declaraciones de Gobert, las claves para llevarse el anillo, PTB, Winning Time, los árbitros y, por supuesto, trasht…
Our image of leaders is often of someone giving orders or pontificating about what is supposed to happen. Our leader monologue is always one way traffic and we may be laying down golden advice in English or our imperfect Japanese, but is it being received, understood, digested, accepted or employed? In this modern, stressful, super busy life, we gi…
Thank you for joining us this week to study leadership with Dr. Dale Yerton. This series titled "Climate Changers" looks at how we need to live a church leadership in today's world. If you have any other questions about Dr. Dale Yerton or the ministry of The Living Faith please visit us at https://daleyerton.com.…
Those days, months, and years leading up to retirement can start to fill with anxiety about what needs to get done. No one wants to make that transition without having their ducks in a row so today we’re going to tell you what you should be doing as you start approaching retirement. If you’re able to create a checklist and start going through each …
Meet the original “shark” from the show Shark Tank, the infomercial creator, the pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Kevin Harrington. His legendary work behind the scenes of business ventures has produced more than $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and…
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