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Each week the Durhamites will reveal their views on topics from the wider world, from 'the great outdoors' to 'long-distance relationships' and beyond... Katherine, a third-year historian from Mary's, will be joined by different Durhamites to find out their 'heros' and 'favourite' on the issue in question.
Durham Music

Durham Music

Durham and Darlington Music Education Hub

Link to lyrics: https://sites.google.com/site/durhammusicservice/durham-music-singing-podcasts An exciting new resource for all Key Stage 2 Primary Pupils. Two new pieces learnt in each weekly episode. Singing technique and accompaniment is all part of the weekly download. Sung by members of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain featuring music from Sing for Pleasure https://www.singforpleasure.org.uk/ plus other pieces. Narrated by Caitlin Mayall
The torpedo submarine's inventor, Jack Farnum, is looking for investors to help him kick his new shipyard into high gear. He already has his crew set, with sixteen year old Jack Benson as the captain, and his friend Hal Hastings running the engines. But, there may be some changes to the crew of the Pollard on the horizon. - Summary by Ann Boulais
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In Mark 14, we see the selfless gift of a woman to Jesus. It was a beautiful gift as it was given urgently, sacrificially, devotionally, and obediently. Her worship of Jesus was a priority and she gave Him her very best. This gift was heard around the world.Bethesda Baptist Church Durham
In chapter 13, Pastor Jonathan Barbee continues the series through the Gospel of Mark. Jesus is speaking about His return - that His judgement and mercy are sure. His Words are everlasting. He commands His followers to be ready. October 17, 2021Bethesda Baptist Church Durham
What happens when something you previously treated as core to your faith becomes a second or third tier issue? How do you process changes in what you believe? Lawrence, Eric, Danny, and Erika sit down again to continue the discussion on how to approach theological differences in the Christian faith. Listen as they look at the objective truth found …
We continue the series through the Gospel of Mark in chapter 13. This passage must be seen from the original context. The Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees all come to reject Jesus. Jesus shares how judgement would be falling over the children of Israel. September 26, 2021Bethesda Baptist Church Durham
Pastor Jonathan Barbee continues the series through the Gospel of Mark in chapter 13. Jesus is warning his disciples of the coming destruction and persecution - but these prophecies are clocked with a promise - that the Holy Spirit will be with them and speak for them. If they remain firm in their faith, they will be saved.…
Many Biblical issues have been interpreted differently by Christians for centuries - how do we discern which theological “hills to die on”?Pastor Eric, Lawrence, Danny and Erika sit down to discuss the difference between “primary” vs. “secondary” theological issues, and what makes a principle applicable to all believers. Listen as they work through…
Pastor Jonathan Barbee teaches from 2 Chronicles 24 where King Joash challenges the children of Israel with rebuilding the temple. They united together to restore God's house and held one another accountable with this challenge. Just as Joash challenged Israel, Pastor Jonathan challenged the people of Bethesda to give sacrificially to restore the o…
Who's the new youth director at Waypoint, and what is his vision for the youth group? Pastor Lawrence interviews Jonathan "J" Punt and youth group member Isaac Graham about all things Waypoint Youth - from how we can be praying for the youth group, to which youth member would win in a wrestling match.…
Pastor Jonathan Barbee continues the series on baptism from Acts 1. He covers the necessity of baptism as well as the process for it. Baptism does not save - it is the outward sign of an inward work of the believer. Also, a special testimony from Brandi Barbee. September 5, 2021.Bethesda Baptist Church Durham
Have you ever wondered how our worship leaders at Waypoint got into music or wanted to know their favorite singer or band? This week Pastor Danny interviews Waypoint’s Praise Team leaders: Nathan Walker, Director, Young Lee, Assistant Director, and Genia Holder-Cozart, Choir Director. You’ll get to hear their stories of how God led them to worship …
Pastor Jonathan Barbee continues the series through Mark with a warning to beware of hypocritical religious leaders. In chapter 12, the religious leaders were proud of their appearance, desired recognition, position and honor. But they abused their position using piety to mistreat others. Jesus commends the opposite in a poor widow who gave sacrifi…
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