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“The Freedom of Thought Can Not Be Taken Away, It Can Only Be Given Away.” The Free Thought Prophet: Free thinking humor and enlightenment is our main goal here. We host a weekly Atheist podcast, that post here and on YouTube. We are a group of secular freethinkers who love to talk, debate, enlighten and laugh. We also enjoy SciFi, conspiracy theories, politics, Atheist issues, pints of Guinness, single malt whiskey and low brow humor.
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AAI Vice President Bill Flavell joins John and Seamus Live to discuss the "Data Theft," issues with IAA, AAI controversies and more! After being challenged by Seamus, President of AAI, Howard Burman, also joins the heated conversation!The Free Thought Prophet
We’ll have never-before-public internal AAI emails to reveal, which shed new light on their dispute with IAA regarding “data theft”. We’ll also be revealing new details about the behaviour of the AAI “Advisory Council” with respect to data confidentiality.The Free Thought Prophet
Kamila Dydyna is a Polish actress and filmmaker based in Dublin. Kamila discusses her upcoming film “Debutante.” A short film a coming-of-age drama About the disintegration of one Jehovah’s Witness’ identity.The Free Thought Prophet
"Conservative Election Special" Special Episode with David Silverman and Thomas Sheedy, a really great discussion on: - Trump and the Evangelicals - Catholics on the Supreme Court - AG Barr on Secularism - #MeToo and the candidates - Ageism - WokeismThe Free Thought Prophet
Is The Big Lebowski the most philosophically diverse movie ever? Join John and Seamus as they discuss through the pacifism, fascism, feminism, nihilism, existentialism, zionism, capitalism … and of course the Nietzschean eternal recurrence.The Free Thought Prophet
Professor Daniel Swann joined us in a discussion that covered race and religion in the USA, the recent sports boycotts, how ‘credentialing’ can be offensive, the racism of low expectations, and the religiosity of contemporary woke culture.The Free Thought Prophet
The biography of Colonel Thomas Blood must be one of the most amazing in history. @TheSamSlade joins #Seamus and @JohnHamill151 to laugh through his various exploits (bonus belly laughs from @TaraBrown512).The Free Thought Prophet
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