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Flex & Froomes chat about the 25% rule for anxiety, and Flex questions why apple juice tastes like onion. Plus, help!! I had a threesome with a ‘friends with benefits’ and now they want a relationship.iHeartPodcasts Australia & CADA
CONTENT WARNING: Disordered Eating. Froomy is joined by InsideOut’s Sarah Barakat to myth-bust whether Australia should adopt food labels estimating exercise needed to burn off calories.iHeartPodcasts Australia & CADA
Flex & Froomes chat about how to get out of texting someone, and Froomy opens up about walking goofy to avoid embarrassment. Plus, the death of celebrity means there will be no icons in the future, or does it?iHeartPodcasts Australia & CADA
Flex & Froomes chat about their personal icons, listener Tahlia shares her insane story of her housemate flooding their apartment. Plus should you stop trying to be liked by people you don’t want to be like?iHeartPodcasts Australia & CADA
Flex & Froomes chat about a dating trend they have seen in Korea and want to bring it to Australia, Froomes shares her experiences on Facebook community groups. Plus, men are cashing in on the beauty industry!iHeartPodcasts Australia & CADA
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