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Picking up from Aja Romano's 2013 article, "Crumbling the fourth wall," Sally and Kira discuss the complexity of the SPN fandom's fourth wall in comparison to other shows. They also discuss the desire to give Misha fic recs in light of 100,000 Destiel fics, potential 'coming outs' and how they both cried at Misha's poetry book acknowledgements.…
In this episode, Kira and Sally discuss twitter drama from over a month ago, the nature of public friendships, and positive views of fandom parasocial behavior. Also, can we get a 'noice' for episode 69?Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
In this episode of IFIE, Kira and Sally discuss Real Person Fiction (RPF). Specifically, we look at the means of RPF's production, how it functions in the SPN fandom, and question moral lines. There's also a considerable amount of gushing over the #spnfamily.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
In this special episode, Sally discusses reading the famed and supposedly definitive Destiel fic "Twist & Shout" and all the highs and lows that come with it. Meanwhile, Kira lays out what has the fandom so bothered in the months since the finale - events which have come to be collectively known as 'season 16'.[To avoid T&S discussion, skip to 57:1…
AND THE SHIP IS BACK TO THE HARBOUR! We are both not okay and so unbelievably happy. Come commiserate with us! This week we discuss Destiel becoming canon, how we got spoiled, butt-hurt "fans" and everything in between.Editor: Sally HeadrickProducers: Kira Metcalfe & Sally HeadrickSally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
The podcasting training wheels are on and new episodes of SPN are back! Whose ready the pretend like the world isn't on fire? 'Cuz we sure are.*It's Funnier In Enochian: A Supernatural Podcast*Sally Headrick (Editor, Co-Producer, Co-Host)Kira Metcalfe (Social Media, Co-Producer, Co-Host)Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
Two years of podcasting never felt so good! Thanks for sticking around for the ride. This week we talk about two boys getting mighty emotional and how time was used in "The Trap" (15x09).Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
CONTENT WARNING: Rape, Abusive Relationships, Toxic RelationshipsThis week Kira and Sally dive deep into Sam's psyche and actions in 15x04 and what it may mean for the final season. Also, how meta was this episode?Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
Confrontations, insular storytelling a la Bobo Berens and MajoR cHARAcTER DeAtHS. Sometimes an episode of Supernatural emotionally numbs you to the point where you can't remember how it even began. "The Rupture" was one of those episodes.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
This week Sally and Kira read some tarot readings, superficially talk about witches and witchcraft in supernatural and revisit our favourite moments of season 14 so far.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
This week, Kira and Sally use their sexy phlegm to talk about the general pitfalls of milestone episodes with Supernatural's 300th episode. Kira also tries to convince Sally that "Lebanon" has more than meets the eye.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
This week we discuss the nuances of a heavy-handed episode with "Prophet & Loss" (14x12). Also, Dr. Cass.------------------------------------------------------------Hosted by Sally Headrick & Kira MetcalfeProduced by Sally Headrick & Kira MetcalfeEdited by Kira MetcalfeSocial Media by Kira MetcalfeSally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
This week, somewhere between giggles about suggestive phrases and bad horoscope jokes we discuss 14x11 “Damaged Goods”. We reveal what we think of certain storylines running their course and what that might mean for the rest of the season. Also, Dean goes on a little swan song road tour, “No Time” by The Guess Who is a thing, and season 14's struct…
Aaaaaaaaand we're back. This week Kira and Sally discuss the mid-season premiere, and a certain German philosopher might come up. Things get a bit dark, and Dean is in a Bad Place, but not the actual Bad Place, so at least that's a positive.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
SPEAKING OF MEDIA CONSUMPTION -- Has growing instant access to media fostered more media analysis? This Christmas Eve, treat your ears to some mild rambling and moderate ranting about the changing tides of media consumption. Somewhere in this hour plus of "discussion" we take a stab at binging, a blow to Cable TV and a swing at physical media. Ever…
SNAP, SNAP, SNAP -- Sally & Kira have some watching anxiety this week, complete with hugging pillows. After calming down we discuss why Micheal's vessel was so random, Misha & Alex getting to act, how angels experience time and certain music choices. All in all, Christmas + Mulder/ Scully vibes + learning Micheal's motivations = a great mid-season …
SOAP OPERA VIBES - Sally and Kira discuss bringing back Lily Sunder in "Byzantium" (14x09), the existential ramifications of a nephilim's death, and why that drinking montage felt so weird. We also look at how this episode reversed roles and debated who this season's villain might be in light of recent events.…
This week we discussed "Unhuman Nature" (14x07), especially Nick's opening scene and what his story arc (so far) means for the show's evolving philosophy. The natural need to fit Buffy into our analysis pops up--oh and "ER" comparisons. We also touch on the concept of imbalance and this season's preoccupation with the dichotomy of inner demons vers…
Our ACTUAL 30th episode... This week we (finally) talk about Sally's Fan Fiction Legend status and Kira (finally) pops her fanfic cherry. Our discussion takes many turns, from pitting Fan Fiction against Romance Novels to asking the question, "why do women have fan fiction, but guys get porn?" Also, we introduce a new recurring segment.…
This week Sally & Kira discuss the nuance of season 14 in comparison to previous seasons and whether or not the series will have a pessimistic ending like “The Road.” Also, we take the opportunity to swoon over the effectiveness of dialogue and mise en scène in Episode Six.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
This week we delved into what we liked and didn't like about season 14's 5th episode, and how uncertain this season feels in comparison to last. Also, Sally had a fan encounter that got us thinking about the nature of fan interactions - within and beyond the SPN Fandom.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
Sometimes we do bad things, and sometimes characters actually communicate! This week we watched "Mint Condition" (14x04) and commented on the growing up of the Winchester brothers through the lens of Dean's return. Also, Netflix Canada doesn't have Supernatural anymore, and we're not happy about it.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
The music swells, domesticity finds the bunker, and Jodie gets punched. Get ready to RAMBLE!!! And that's about as high energy as this one gets... Kira was (overall) disappointed with "The Scar" (14x03) because expectations are a thing, but Sally got some "Jam" at least, or is it Sodie?.Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
This week we discuss 14x02 and how the vessel of Lucifer has some commomality with his former inhabitant. We try to make a case for Buck-Lemming with a lesson in Ancient Greek theatre theory. Also, what does a preoccupation with the past do to the extended Winchester family?Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
To kick off Season Two of IFIE Podcast, Sally and Kira discuss the season 14 premiere. From diegetic music and character-specific costuming to the Winchester legend and the shocking return of a certain villain, the girls consider what they might want from this season...Sally Headrick & Kira Metcalfe
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