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Heritage Institutional Chapel - March 22, 2022"Seeing Jesus" Sermon SeriesMark 10:35-45Dr. David Barker, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Heritage College and Seminary, speaks at chapel about how Jesus addresses the disciples about how the kingdom of God is characterized by servanthood, humility, and sacrifice for others.…
Arts Week Thursday Chapel - March 17th, 2022In the third chapel of Arts Week 2021-22, Jeremy Johnston concludes his series of sermons on the creativity of God by looking at Psalm 19:12-14. Johnston speaks about the creativity of God and the Gospel, and our response to God's creativity.Russ Shouldice
Arts Week Wednesday Chapel - March 16th, 2022Continuing with Arts Week, Jeremy Johnston talks about the creativity of God that is evident in His Word. He continues further in Psalm 19 (vv. 7-11) to see how God creatively reveals himself through his Word.Russ Shouldice
Arts Week Tuesday Chapel - March 15th, 2022Jeremy Johnston, Adjunct Professor at Heritage College and Seminary, speaks to the students about the creativity of God that is particularly exemplified in Psalm 19. In this chapel, Jeremy talks about the creativity of God in creation.Russ Shouldice
Heritage Institutional Chapel - "Seeing Jesus" Sermon SeriesSpeaking to the women of Heritage College and Seminary, Dr. Linda Reed, Director of the Heritage Center for Women in Ministry, teaches about pouring out your life to Christ. She takes the example of the woman and the perfume in Matthew 26 as a model for how women of the church today ought …
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