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In 1852, with the death of Amir Kabir, power in Iran fell into the hands of the Shah and his new vizier, Mirza Agha Khan Nuri. The change in leadership precipitated a change in foreign policy - one which would conclude in a war between Iran and the British empire.History of Modern Iran
Between 1848 and 1850, a new religious movement - 'Bábism' - emerged in Iran. Followers of a Shirazi merchant known as the 'Báb' (the Arabic word for 'gate') believed in the imminent arrival of the Mahdi and a new revelation for mankind. Relations between the Bábis and the Iranian state and religious establishment quickly deteriorated, leading to b…
In 1848, Muhammad Shah, the King of Kings and Pivot of the Universe, died. Crown Prince Nasir al Din Qajar - a teenager with little experience of governance or politics - prepared to ascend the peacock throne. To do so, he would need the help of his energetic and capable mentor: Amir Kabir.History of Modern Iran
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