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Inland Journal

Inland Journal

Doug Nadvornick

Inland Journal is a half-hour public affairs program that includes news features and interviews produced by SPR staff, reporters from the Northwest News Network (N3) and others. The program has a regional focus that reflects the broad listening area of Spokane Public Radio.
The Spurgeon Fellowship Spokane, in partnership with The Gospel Coalition Inland Northwest, seeks to encourage and equip pastors in the Inland Northwest regional area. For more information visit If you are experiencing a technical difficulty with this podcast or one of the episodes please contact Jason at
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Today, Josh Crain closes out our teaching series called Bringin' Home the Bacon. Sometimes we need to stop and celebrate the things that God is doing in the midst of our community. Because of your generosity we have seen people commit to Jesus, lives transformed, and communities blessed this year. We celebrate today because your giving is changing …
Two things are true: it’s your money. And it’s *not* your money. It’s your money, so you should find ways to spend it that delight you and make your world a more enjoyable place. And it’s also all a gift that you steward as it flows to you and it flows away from you. The great wisdom teachers found in the Scriptures are constantly giving us two par…
If we push past the discomfort of talking about money, we’ll discover a powerful truth: money is always teaching you. Money can act as a mirror, reflecting and exposing the narratives and resentments we have. If we shift our mindset around finances, we’ll discover there’s a wealth of wisdom and understanding to be found.…
Jesus is usually admired as a good moral teacher even by those who deny his divinity. But is “good moral teacher” a category we can place Jesus in? Did he claim to be God? Is it possible he was crazy? Did his first followers radically alter the message that he preached? Did he actually rise from the dead? The goodness of God and the validity of Chr…
The tragedy of the Uvalde shooting this past week, along with the recent shootings in Laguna Woods and Buffalo, are a horrific reminder of the brokenness of our world. Our hurting nation and communities need the message of Jesus more now than ever before... but has the institution of “the evangelical church” lost its influence due to its own leader…
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