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The Irish Farmers Journal team talks about the latest developments, including new eco scheme measures, the can of worms that is entitlement trading and the prospect of Ireland securing a nitrates derogation.Irish Farmers Journal
Phelim O'Neill and Anne Finnegan debate what farmers can do to finance rising fertiliser costs for 2022 and how likely are the EU to be able to impose import standards from areas that have been deforested?Irish Farmers Journal
On week 17 of the Tillage Podcast, the IFJ tillage team discuss the basics of winter bean planting, fertiliser sales and strategies, grain markets surpassing €300/t and shopping Irish this Christmas.Irish Farmers Journal
This week, we talk beef trade positivity, record lamb prices and the real cost of producing milk. We also talk to Liam Woulfe from Grassland AGRO about what is really happening in fertiliser markets.Irish Farmers Journal
On week 16 of the Tillage Podcast, the team discuss the results from harvest 2021, 2022 crop areas, regenerative farming, renewable diesel and Boortmalt’s fixed price of €250/t.Irish Farmers Journal
This week, we talk suckler heifers making €10,000, new information on CAP and organic milking. We also talk to Longford dairy farmer Eugene Fitzpatrick about drying off with no antibiotics.Irish Farmers Journal
On week 15 of the Tillage Podcast, the team discuss the key measures in the recently published Climate Action Plan, new tillage agri-environmental schemes, protein crops, wildflower seed testing and much moreIrish Farmers Journal
This week, we talk sucklers in West Cork, monster ewes on Tullamore Farm and the future for Irish dairy farming. We also talk about the fertiliser bank with Sean McMahon of Grassland AGRO.Irish Farmers Journal
As the festivities begin, if you’re planning on having friends over for canapés and chats, Neven Maguire has a selection of nibbles that can be prepared in advanced, and Ciara Leahy will be popping open the prosecco.Irish Farmers Journal
Stephen Robb is joined by Andy Doyle and Siobhan Walsh for week 14 of the ]On this week’s episode the team discuss temperatures and aphids, fertiliser sales, record grain prices, tillage margins and COP26.Irish Farmers Journal
This week, we talk super prices for in-calf heifers with Adam, CAP fallout with Darren and managing grazing and drying off with Aidan and dairy farmer John O’Sullivan. We also talk to Phelim about a new KPMG report on the impact of climate targets.Irish Farmers Journal
The Morrigan, the shape shifter who favoured the crow, was one of the Tuatha De Danann, who were the “folk of the Goddess Danu”. She choose Jack to be her love. His rejection of the Phantom queen cursed him for all time.Irish Farmers Journal
In episode 13 of the Tillage Podcast, Andy Doyle and Siobhan Walsh joins Stephen Robb to discuss the latest news from the Irish Tillage sector. This week the team discuss winter crop planting, fertiliser markets and use, Bord Bia and soya, sustainable biogas, GPS and eco-schemes and grain prices.Irish Farmers Journal
Halloween is a time of great fun, but it's also a time when some precautions need to be taken. Anne O'Donoghue speaks to Irish Country Living's health correspondent Margaret Hawkins and Gillian Bird of the DSPCA about staying safe this Halloween.Irish Farmers Journal
In this week’s special edition we talk to key industry players from Teagasc, IFA, ICBF and ICMSA on how farmers are going to meet the carbon reduction targets recently announced. We also talk to John O’Loughlin from Grassland AGRO on how the fertiliser industry is going to tackle these targets too.Irish Farmers Journal
This week Anne O'Donoghue talks to Conor Hammersley, a PhD researcher in farmer mental health and rural masculinity. Conor discusses how male farmers' identities are often linked to masculinity and the affect this has on their mental health. Conor also speaks about new On Ferim Ground programme, which provides training in the area of mental health …
Stephen Robb is joined by Andy Doyle and Siobhan Walsh for week 11 of the Irish Farmers Journal Tillage Podcast. This week the team discuss seeding rates, slugs, Jason Clay, climate targets, biogas , vertical farms and record grain prices.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we talk suckler replacements with Adam Woods, the budget with Darren Carty and dairy cull cows with Aidan Brennan. We talk to Peter Hamm on his journey into dairy and Darren speaks to Michael Murray from ESB Networks.Irish Farmers Journal
Stephen Robb is joined by Andy Doyle and Siobhan Walsh for week 11 of the Irish Farmers Journal Tillage Podcast. This week the team discuss malting barley and oilseed rape markets, China, fertiliser and prices, aphids, Solar PV and pumpkins.Irish Farmers Journal
In this week’s Farm Tech Talk the team talk about adding premium to Kerry sucklers, dosing lambs at this time of year, and on dairy farm walks with Aidan Brennan. We also hear from David Corbett from Grassland AGRO about lime and fertiliser shortages.Irish Farmers Journal
Phelim O’Neill and Anne Finnegan discuss the huge support payments made to US farmers by the Government in recent years plus the ongoing issue with gas supply and price in the EU with its implications for fertiliser prices.Irish Farmers Journal
Caitriona Morrissey, Declan O’Brien and Adam Woods look ahead to the farmer protests planned in Cavan, Roscommon, Portlaoise and Cork on Friday and chat about some of the big stories of the week.Irish Farmers Journal
Stephen Robb talks to Andy Doyle and Siobhan Walsh for week 10 of the tillage podcast. This week the team talk about international wheat prices, Flahavan’s quotas, aphids, carbon, Minister Hackett and anaerobic digestion.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we talk weanling trade with Adam Woods, eco-schemes with Darren Carty and survey results for dairy farmers with Aidan Brennan. We also speak to Patrick Banville, NDC & Kerrygold finalist from Wexford on his thoughts for the Quality Milk Awards.Irish Farmers Journal
Stephen Robb and Andy Doyle run through all the latest tillage news in this week’s Irish Farmers Journal Tillage Podcast. On this week’s show the pair discuss Dairygold’s grain prices, the key points of Tuesdays leaders debate including CAP and Carbon Credits and the possibility of reviving Ireland’s milling wheat industry.…
With new changes to the Fair Deal scheme coming into play in a matter of weeks, Irish Country Living's finance journalist, Margaret Nolan, gives us an overview of Fair Deal, the new legislation and what this means for farming families. Link to Margaret's article on Fair Deal: https://www.farmersjournal.ie/money-mentor-fair-deal-scheme-becomes-a-lit…
On this week’s show, we talk all things soil sampling to a break-even beef price of €5/kg for winter finishers. We look at sheep meat access in to China and we discuss the comments made this week by Prof. Gerry Boyle of Teagasc on dairy-beef and suckling.Irish Farmers Journal
News editor Caitriona Morrissey is joined in studio by beef editor Adam Woods, senior news reporter Declan O’Brien and sustainability specialist Siobhan Walsh to analyse some of this week's top stories.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we talk all things BEAM with Adam Woods, lamb thrive with Darren Carty and Moorepark open day with Aidan Brennan. We also talk to Alex McCarthy, overall winner of the NDC and Kerrygold Quality Milk Awards, about his win in the competition this year.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we talk BEAM, BEEP and BSE with Adam Woods, super performance from lambs from Tullamore Farm with Darren Carty and clarity around nitrates with Aidan Brennan. Sean McMahon from Grassland AGRO discusses spreading the last round of fertiliser.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we talk to Adam Woods about new dirty water rules, to Darren Carty on hogget prices cooling down and to Aidan Brennan on a dairy masterclass in Dunmanway. We also speak to Kilkenny dairy farmer Cathal Moran and Zoe Kavanagh from the National Dairy Council on dairy farmers adapting to new environmental rules.…
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