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On this week’s show, we talk the high seas leading to Israel for Irish weanlings, fixed milk price options and what to do with lameness with early born lambs. We also talk to David Corbett from Grassland AGRO on ways to improve silage quality.Irish Farmers Journal
This week Stephen, Andy and Siobhan run through key agronomy tips for the week, discuss net blotch and ask if it’s time to reconsider nitrogen rates on winter wheat given anticipated harvest prices. The team also discuss their recent trip to Flahavan’s, the new Philip Wreck Soil Farmers of the Year awards, solar farms, carbon and one member of the …
On this week’s we talk beef prices taking another lift with Adam Woods, another boom in milk prices with Aidan Brennan and completing the most important job of the year with Darren Carty . We also talk to Michael Murray from ESPN Networks on the 24 hour helpline for those that want help from ESB Networks and Sean McMann from Grassland AGRO on why k…
Analysis of the record beef prices seen in marts this week, the latest on dairy markets, carbon emission target negotiations, pig protests, sexed semen use and turf all feature in this week’s podcast. We also hear from the new secretary of the Tullamore FBD National Livestock Show Chelsea Cox McDonald on what attendees can expect this year.…
Jack Kennedy and Phelim O'Neill debate the positive vibe from a dairy conference in the UK and analyse the likely impact of unfair trading practices legislation on Irish farmers.Irish Farmers Journal
Ariba, ariba. This month in our Entertaining at Home series, Neven Maguire is embracing all these Mexican with a wonderful slow cooked pulled pork with pineapple salsa. And Ciara Leahy picks some fine Irish beers to compliment the dining experience.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show we talk pedigree breeders reaping rewards and the price of stock bulls with Adam Woods, Darren Carty visits a department run BPS clinic in Galway and we talk all things breeding on dairy farms with Aidan Brennan.Irish Farmers Journal
This week on the tillage podcast, Stephen Robb is joined in studio with Andy Doyle and Siobhan Walsh where the team discuss producing a paper during covid-19 lockdowns, aphid pressure, leaf analysis, green grain prices at €330/t and nitrates regulations.Irish Farmers Journal
Detail of a new €55m scheme to help farmers make hay and silage, Teagasc’s U-turn on stocking rate advice for suckler farmers, stolen calves, the CAP plan and problems for young farmers all feature. We also discuss the National Parks and Wildlife Service’s new strategic action plan.Irish Farmers Journal
Jack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill discuss what an EU ban on Russian oil imports would mean for Irish business and the threat of an New Zealand trade deal for Irish exports. Also, have Fonterra found the solution to methane emissions from cows?Irish Farmers Journal
Detail of a Department of Agriculture clamp down on the use of map acres by intensive farmers, a crisis facing suckler farmers, beef prices, IFA unease, pension schemes and the Emerald Expo Dairy Show all feature.Irish Farmers Journal
This week Stephen, Siobhan and Andy discuss if lack of moisture is beginning to cause issues for crops, the new range of potato chemistry in the pipeline, the Fodder and Food Security Committee, horticulture input prices, grain markets and much more.Irish Farmers Journal
The Agbiz team, Jack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill debate what has delayed the PGI application, what scarcity of palm oil means and how Carbery results show them doing more with lessIrish Farmers Journal
In this week’s show we talk clover and flat pricing, ANC stocking rates, feed options for livestock and about the risk and dangers on farm with Christy Doherty of AXA and Michael Murray of ESB Networks.Irish Farmers Journal
This week we analyse the increases in shed building costs and ask what it means for farmers. We discuss rising fertiliser prices, tractor GPS thefts, Macra’s new CEO and how IFA members in North Cork are unhappy with the association’s salary increases for its leadership. Michael O’Leary tells us about his like for Angus cattle and we hear from the …
This week Stephen, Siobhan and Andy run through all of the key agronomy decisions taking place in tillage fields this week. The team get an update on malting barley price and also discuss the results of a solar PV study which was commissioned by the Irish Farmers Journal.Irish Farmers Journal
It's Easter - do you know who grew your Easter egg? How did the prawns get into your prawn cocktail? This month, we are talking all about food commodification and the affect it can have on local communities with insights from the Spicebags podcast team and Allison Roberts from Exploding Tree chocolate.…
On this week’s show we talk European cattle making €300 per head more than Irish cattle, getting clover working on dairy farms, mixed farming in Co Laois and all things grazing with Grassland AGRO’s John O’Loughlin.Irish Farmers Journal
This week we discuss how stricter schemes may be needed in the new CAP, the details of a government’s latest aid package for pig farmers and government tensions over a potential ban on the sale and distribution of turf. We also look at a Teagasc report which warns of a big drop in farm incomes this year and discuss how cancelled shipments by Stena …
Jack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill dismiss what is behind the strong beef price performance and where Ireland sits compared with other countries plus the upward surge in global prices as shown by the latest food price index.Irish Farmers Journal
This week the tillage team discuss the transparency of Boortmalt, green harvest feed grain surpassing €300/t, changes to the Tillage Incentive Scheme, support for the horticultural sector and Crop Protection magazineIrish Farmers Journal
This week we discuss how an EU Directive could see farmers needing environmental permits to farm. We look at beef breeding and how slaughtering cattle earlier can reduce emissions and analyse sheep prices. We also hear from members of the Women in Agriculture Stakeholders Group and the winners of the 2022 Certified Irish Angus school competition.…
As the evenings get warmer, we’re embracing the joy of fish. Neven Maguire has some fantastic piri piri prawn skewers with chorizo that can work as a starter or a main served with salad. To really wow, the tuna niçoise salad will have everyone talking. And our wine expert Ciara suggests two rosés and chardonnays that will work a treat.…
Jack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill discuss the strong financial results from Aurivo for 2021 and concerns for costs in 2022. Meanwhile the UK and Canada conclude first round of trade talks and what are these likely to lead to in the years ahead with concerns about Canadian beef fed with hormones foremost among concerns.…
This week we discuss how it’s set to cost €50 to make a bale of silage this year, the latest on fertiliser prices, pig farmers protests and our consumer survey which suggests the Irish public are willing to pay more for farm produce in light of rising farm level costs.Irish Farmers Journal
This week Stephen Robb and Andy Doyle run through all the action from Ireland’s tillage fields, the latest on the tillage incentive measure, trace element potato growing costs and feed pricesIrish Farmers Journal
ack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O’Neill discuss how the Brexit Adjustment Reserve or BAR fund is being spent and what happened to the programme for Government promise to create a national food Ombudsman.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we discuss spreading fertiliser or not on suckler farms with Adam Woods, on sheep farms with Darren Carty and dairy farms with Aidan Brennan. We also discuss fertiliser advice with Seán McMahon from Grassland AGRO.Irish Farmers Journal
This week, we discuss the findings of our reader survey including farmers' plans to reduce fertiliser use and cut stock numbers. We also go through changes to CAP entitlements and hear farmer reaction. The IFA tells us why the below cost selling of food should be banned and Balla mart goers describe the beef trade.…
This week the Irish Farmers Journal tillage team run though the latest news stories of the week including the tillage Incentive scheme, spring field work, IFJ survey results, nitrates regulations, crop insurance and markets.Irish Farmers Journal
Jack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill debate the successful challenge to the Global burden of disease study that said red meat was harmful, record profits at JBS the worlds largest meat processor and a special focus on China’s role in shaping global trade in agri products.Irish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we discuss details of the new suckler cow scheme, the price of calves and reseeding options. We also talk to New Zealand based dairy farmer Olin Greenan and to David Corbett from Grassland AGRO on sourcing Nitrogen.Irish Farmers Journal
This week Andy Doyle and Stephen Robb discuss the efforts to increase fodder crop area, fertiliser supply chain breakdown, the 2021 Land Report and the return of willow and miscanthusIrish Farmers Journal
This week, our news team discusses how Department officials are considering ways to reduce bovine methane emissions, land prices, farmers’ fertiliser woes and sinister death threats which have been made to IFA officers. We also cover farmer views on the new CAP and how the Department now concedes it may have to change.…
Jack Kennedy, Anne Finnegan and Phelim O’Neill discuss fertiliser coming into Ireland over recent months, farmer reaction to the CAP proposals and could the EU change them at this stage? Also what Joe Burke said to the Farmers Journal about markets for Irish beefIrish Farmers Journal
On this week’s show, we talk fertiliser and diesel challenges among beef farmers, convergence in the new CAP and dairy farming in Mayo. We also talk to dairy farmer Fiachra Liston and Pat Byrnes from Bank of Ireland on industry challenges.Irish Farmers Journal
This week, our news team discusses how farmers are set to be paid to grow more fodder, dairy quota fears, CAP convergence and the detail of an emergency aid package for the pig sector. We also hear from news correspondent Rachel Donovan as she reports on the Agricultural Consultants Association AGM.Irish Farmers Journal
This week, Andy, Siobhan and Stephen talk about the measures proposed by the Minister of Agriculture to increase cereal and fodder crops area, commodity market turmoil, CAP funding for anaerobic digestion, spring sowing restarts, slurry testing results and much more.Irish Farmers Journal
In honour of International Women’s Day, Janine Kennedy interviews Irish experts in gender equality in food systems – both in Ireland and overseas. Are women the key to increasing our food security?Irish Farmers Journal
This week we discuss how the war in fuelling fears over the cost and availability of fertiliser and feed and the response of the European Commission. We also look at a new definition of the active farmer under the new CAP plan and the weanling trade in Donegal Mart.Irish Farmers Journal
This week the Irish Farmers Journal team run through the latest developments in Ukraine and examine how the conflict will impact grain markets and energy prices. The team also run through risk mitigation strategies for the season ahead and ask if it’s time to ramp up renewable biomethane production.Irish Farmers Journal
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