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It's coming up to Christmas, and that can only mean one thing: death. We spend the festive period gorging on the meat of thousands of species of animals. But should we? Find out whether you should be vegetarian or not in this special Joe Bates Explains It All Christmas special!Joe Bates
Since the dawn of time, humans have wanted to make walking metal versions of themselves. Now, the wait is over and robots are about to enter all parts of our life, and Joe Bates Explains Robots is the podcast you need to make sense of it. How can I protect my job from a robot? What type of sex robot should I marry? How do I stop my robot from turni…
The third part of my guide to the Edinburgh fringe, featuring Paul Wady and Sarah Saeed from Guerilla Aspies, Karen Houge who's brought her play The Last Hive to Edinburgh and Jon Flanagan, whose stand-up show Trigger Warning is here for the full run.Joe Bates
In the first of the new series of Joe Bates Explains It All, Joe Bates is explaining technology, something that many people find exciting and cool but should actually find terrifying. We start with data. In just 20 minutes, you'll learn what data is, why we should be worried about people taking our personal data, why we should just relax and let pe…
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