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This is the show that epitomises FUBAR's attitude and music policy. Radio edits are cast aside. Music is played uncensored in the way that we can download it and the artist intended it be heard. With a heavyweight line-up consisting of some of the finest hip hop talent from the UK and abroad plus weekly celebrity guests, live musical performances and a fresh look on news and pop culture, Sarah, Huw and Doc Too delivers something new and exciting to UK radio.
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Huw was off with man flu but Doc Brown and Sarah Love were joined by Comedian Nathan Caton. They discussed embarrassing parents as it was revealed this week that George Osborne has a surprising passion for NWA and Doc rapped about it. They also talked about the Durag as it is Durag History Week and Black History Month.…
Sarah, Huw and Doc chatted about cockney rhyming slang supposedly dying out, bad fashion choices and why people are aren’t having guinea pigs as pets anymore.Fubar Radio
Sarah Love, Huw Joseph and Doc Brown were joined in the studio by very special guests Lewis Parker and Beardyman, who freestyled about Jeremy Corbyn, and Doc’s rap about anything was words that don’t rhyme. They also talked about Demi Lovato’s love of mugs, and Tony Abbott being ousted as Australian PM.…
Doc was on tour in Milton Keynes, so Sarah and Huw were joined by Mystro, and had a lot to say about the man who ran back into his house when it was on fire to save his ribs (he was hungry), Idris Elba apparently being ‘too street’ to play James Bond and the cost of going to the toilets at train stations. They were also joined by Dave the spade in …
This week they were minus Sarah, but Doc and Huw had a lot to say about Kanye’s announcement that he’d like to run for President and how Tesco are bringing back vinyl in stores. They chatted to regular listener Pete in Pimlico, who inspired by Kanye has decided he would like to run for the Mayor of London and Prime Minister.Doc is going on tour, so…
This week Sarah, Huw and Doc paid tribute to Sean Price who passed away last week. They were joined by Pharoahe Monch, Skyzoo, DJ Evil Dee, Roc Marciano, Iron Braydz and Beat Butcha, who spoke to them about their memories of Sean.Fubar Radio
This week we were minus a Doc, but Sarah and Huw were joined by the legends of hip hop Sugarhill Gang and Scorpio from Furious Five. They also talked about Dr Dre’s new album, Snoop trying to take a lot of money on a flight, and they were joined by Kate Scanlon from The Bridge Festival, the free outdoor hip hop festival at Hungerford bridge.…
This week Huw was away, but Sarah and Doc were live and had a lot to say about Twitter beefs, rap influences and Jaden Smith. They were also joined in the studio by rappers Micall Parknsun and Joker Starr.Fubar Radio
This week Doc and Huw were sadly minus a Sarah Love, they discussed whether screaming babies should be banned, Huw speaks to Jedward about the release of Sharknado 3 and Doc raps about screaming kids in restaurants.Fubar Radio
On this week’s show Sarah, Huw, and Doc discussed 50 Cent declaring himself bankrupt, Serena Williams winning Wimbledon, the Amy Winehouse documentary, Frank Ocean mumble rapping, and Doc’s rap about anything was on the subject of flying saucers and penny sweets.Fubar Radio
Finally Sarah, Huw and Doc were all in the studio at the same time, and talked about Doc’s trip to Glastonbury and his thoughts on Kanye's performance, and Huw's day out at London’s gay pride. There was also a lot of chat about 'The Really Wild Show', and Sarah’s fondness for Chris Packham.Fubar Radio
Doc and Huw were away, so Sarah was joined by guest host Mystro to talk about Glastonbury, Taylor Swift and Apple, and Nile Rodgers busking on the South Bank. Ty also joined them in the studio for a chat.Fubar Radio
This week Sarah and Doc welcomed Kama from FoundationzCru and Mystro into the studio and among many things discussed their music and Rachel Dolezal. They also had plenty of things to say for this weeks 'Taking the Piss Tuesday', and Doc did another amazing Rap About Anything at the end of the show.Manga from Roll Deep also popped in the studio for …
Sarah and Huw were away so Doc took control and was ably assisted by Mikill Pane. They chatted about misheard lyrics, missing out on stuff and best and worst insults. Ham planet was a strong contender for both best and worst.Manga from Roll Deep also popped in the studio for a chat.Fubar Radio
The gang are officially back together! After travelling the globe spreading the word Doc recounts his adventures. Sarah professes her Love for Nigel, sorry, er, Charles Kennedy and in an exclusive interview the guys speak with legendary American record producer, DJ and rapper Pete Rock.Fubar Radio
Ok this is getting silly now... no Doc or Huw this week, but fear not!! The AMAZING Jonzi-D joins Sarah as they chat with Sacred Groove Records owners Jim and Ben as well as the UK's leading female funk styler Yami 'Rowdy' Lofvenberg.Fubar Radio
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