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Topics: Origin of John and John meeting in 2015 Saunders gave a speech: "Ways to automate a shop without spending 6 figures" Youtube content! Willemin! swiss machines and dual channel machines DIY Spectrometer and lasers visit shops and bring questions can we implement automated workholding?
Topics: Lapping plates wood blocks in the router Willemin! Okuma is running deep into the night expensive power bills Machining Cast iron Material inventory Sharing responsibilities breaking taps sacrificial wood block in the router Inspecting parts and improving processes
Topics: Machining cast iron is dumb Grimsmo making hand-lapping plates Saunders giving a keynote speech on Okuma 2023 Technology Showcase Link: CNC training classes Bambu 3d printer Willemin Lasers! Packaging! Inventory of products
Topics: Team meetings hiring shipping staff and leading a Team feedback from listeners Detent ball dropper in Grimsmo's Kern works! Tool load monitoring on the Okuma laser engraving! Saunders has the LS3655 100w laser Saunders' Willemin machine arrives tomorrow!
Topics Saunders running his horizontal mill 18 hours a day Making custom Porsche parts kids in the shop Grimsmo crunched the probe tip on his Speedio with custom programming Chip management on the Speedio probing, manual programming
Topics Grimsmo releasing a new case for their Saga printer 3d printing for production cardboard packaging Autodesk Fusion meetup in December multiple computers for workflow tool breakage control
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