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Today we see more often then not that every form of discourse has to fit into a narrow band of left or right, black or white, right or wrong. On this podcast I will cover topics that don't fit a simple narrative. Including common topics of discussion such as current events or history, as well as fringe topics like conspiracy theories.
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In this episode Micah Dank makes a triumphant return to talk about his book series, hand signs, symbolism, and occultism. Follow him on Twitter at @realmisterdank Miranda
In this episode of The Fringe Center Podcast, I have a conversation with Micah Dank who is an author of an ongoing book series. It explores everything from history and religion, to astrology and conspiracy theories.…
Ghislaine Maxwell wants to be released into general population, and Kamala Harris wants to imprison the general population. Miranda
In this episode I cover Virginia Giuffre interview bombshell from the released Maxwell files. As well as the possible Tik Tok ban, the Vatican Secret Library, BLM, and the issues around the Ellen show. Please consider becoming a Patron of the show for $1 you will get exclusive deep dive videos every week. Rig…
In light of July 4th I give my prediction of what will happen with Ghislaine Maxwell and the fate of Hong Kong. As well as discuss the ongoing Uyghur Holocaust in China. Miranda
Are big tech companies about to use false claims of racism to shut down websites? Censorship has become it's own sub-culture in America and online. Although it's roots are based on ending the abuse of power, it is clear that cancel culture is being used to try and silence any and all dissenting opinions. One Reddit user claims it's about to happen …
While most of the world was distracted by the coronavirus pandemic, Google achieved a milestone in quantum computing. The speed and manner in which they achieved it have sparked a lot of speculation and unanswered questions. Miranda
Following the murder of George Floyd, civil unrest has broken out. The officers have been charged. But everything from palettes of bricks to agent provocateurs leave us with more questions. Miranda
China recently began pushing laws that would allow them to label protestors terrorists. This is a necessary step in their path to dominate Hong Kong. In this episode I cover the history and possible future of Hong Kong. Miranda Lu Guang is a Chinese photojournalist who regularly exposed the vile conditions for the poor and sick in China. In November 2018 while likely documenting the Uyghur Holocaust he was arrested and has never been seen again.Manny Miranda The world is at a standstill. Businesses and people suffer more from the economic hardship than symptoms of the coronavirus. So what can we learn from the coronavirus pandemic?Manny Miranda Tulsi Gabbard recently endorsed Joe Biden claiming he represented aloha spirit. In this episode I go into detail why Biden represents the exact opposite of the aloha spirit and any values family or otherwise.Manny Miranda Over the last few days Google has allowed conspiracy related searches to populate information about the conspiracies rather than just mainstream explanations or debunking videos. What is going on?Manny Miranda In this episode I return to quickly discuss some developments in the Iran case. As well as go into the situation in Australia. Then I finish the episode discussing how corruption has led us into many of the current situations around the globe.Manny Miranda
In this episode I go into possibilities of a simulated reality. Including the evidence that we may be in a simulation. As well as the possibility we're heading towards creating them sooner rather than later. Miranda We're taught from a young age to pick a side, especially in politics and ideology. But what if both sides are playing us for votes and donations just to maintain power? This week we explore the impeachment proceedings from a nuanced angle rather than from an echo chamber.… The Book of Enoch is a book excluded from the bible. In it are descriptions of angel and human hybrids, passing of secret knowledge, and the reason for the great flood in the bible. In this episode we cover three main perspectives: the literary or historical context, the religious… In this final episode on Gobekli Tepe I cover the possible links to Atlantis and Ancient Aliens. At the end of the episode I cover why it took so long for this episode to come out and future changes to the show.Manny Miranda In this conspiracy video about Gobekli Tepe we cover the possible origin of Gobekli Tepe. As well as what possibly happened to the people who left it for us to rediscover.Manny Miranda
The first conspiracy theory episode on Gobekli Tepe. This episode is a primer for things to come so that we're all on the same page when we start deep dives into each theory. Miranda
In this episode we finish up the primer on Gobekli Tepe. In episode 2 we cover most of the well known and accepted facts about the site of Gobekli Tepe. This serves as a baseline for coming episodes. In episode 3 we will cover in more detail the relief carvings of the site and begin to delve into the speculative information out there about Gobekli …
Taking a deep dive into current events and news. On this episode we cover the US Navy and UFOs, the Opioid Crisis, the case against Kevin Spacey, 9/11 and the University of Alaska, and the E-Cigarette/Vaping issues.Manny Miranda
Gobekli Tepe is known as the oldest temple site on the Earth. It consists of several man made mounds covering and ancient temple complex that is multiple football fields in size. Multi-ton stone pillars with detailed carvings held up the central chambers of these temples. Yet for all it's majesty there is a controversy surrounding Gobekli Tepe. Gob…
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