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In this episode: You may have seen that we released a video called "The PS5 Absolutely Cannot Play Discs." In doing so apparently we got a lot of people mad at us. We talk about what the mean things they said and about making the video itself. Plus, what's more frustrating Bug Snacks or Demon Souls?Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We give Johnny his PS5 (even though he doesn't really deserve it) We also talk a ton about our opinions of the PS5 and the launch games that came out with it. Also, what games from the previous generation do we miss the most? Find out now!!Mega64 Inc.
In this Episode: The election is concluded, we guess? We're in disbelief at the Four Seasons Landscaping press conference situation. We tell stories about our own experiences planning events, including shrimp quesadillas we didn't ask for.Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We talk about how rad the Mandalorian is, Shawn makes Garrett throw Rocco's brand new PS5 controller, and we discuss how tired we are of old people who don't know what a computer is being the majority of people who vote. Not anymore!!! It's our time baby!!!!Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: We find out with great dismay that Jared Leto is going to be the Joker once more. We talk about is the world can handle this right now and ask what has he been doing lately. We also talk about the fun on Mega64 Interactive Hell Festival! Check it out and lets have a laugh together.Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Shawn is gone, so we can finally reveal our true feelings about sports. Also, where's the worst place you've taken a dump? With those important subjects out of the way, we can also discuss Mario 35, Star Wars Squadrons, Succession, and... should we play Hades or what?Mega64 Inc.
In this episode: Have we ever wanted someone to drill a hole into your head to make us smarter? Vader Immortal is finally on PSVR and Rocco played it. And what in the world is Garrett talking about when he says "The Baby-Man." Find out now!!!Mega64 Inc.
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