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The Offline Gamer

The Offline Gamer

The Offline Gamer

Join Matt and Rai as we discuss what we've been playing every month in the worlds of tabletop and PC gaming, along with looks at what's caught our eye on Kickstarter, yearly coverage of the UK Games Expo, and chats with various figures in the UK board games industry.
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In this first part of our preview for UKGE 2021, Matt has a good chat with Richard Denning, one of the founders and directors of UKGE. We talk about the events that led up to the postponement and eventual cancellation of the 2020 show, moving to a virtual event, and what we can expect from the show in 2021.Thanks to Richard for finding an hour in h…
Sorry for the delay this month.. illness and University work for Rai took priority! But we're back, and we talk about our usual topics and are joined by good friends Peter and James from Board Game Hub to talk about the upcoming Kickstarter for Tranquility: The Ascentqbie and r4i7
A short catch-up this week, were we talk about:- Raise Your Game - We raised £500 for charity!- Board Game Smackdown - The Offline Gamer Special!We also welcome back some returning guests, Pete and James from Board Game Hub who talk about (amongst other things) their new game on Kickstarter - Tessera.…
It's been a while since we've done a regular episode, so this month we just have a catchup of what we've been playing since last time. Also, Matt is doing a board game Twitch stream at the end of October for the Raise Your Game event run by Dementia UK. For more information see…
It's almost here, the first ever virtual UK Games Expo! We take a look at what we can expect over the weekend of the 21st to 23rd August!Virtually Expo Homepage - Awards Shortlist - and r4i7
In this episode Matt has a chat with comedian James Cook, probably best known amongst the board game community for his Always Be Rolling, Pandemic Live and Board Game Smackdown shows.Thank you James for taking the time to chat with us, and for more information about James and his various projects visit the following pages:www.jamescookcomedian.comw…
In this episode, we chat to Steve from Chance and Counters.Matt also talks for quite a while about what he's been playing during the rainy evenings after work, and we take a look at one of the less 'slapped together' satire games currently on Kickstarter.qbie and r4i7
In this episode we talk about our day at the 3rd Birmingham Board Game Bash, and have chats with some of the designers who were showing off their prototype games at the event. We also take a quick look at the latest gaming news from the E3 show a few weeks ago, as well as our usual topics of discussion!…
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