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This is what we call the unicorn amongst all business podcasts! Where an eminent CEO & an iconic radio & podcast host get together to interview some of the biggest Captains of The Industry. The suave Ceo of HT Media Ltd Ramesh Menon joins hands with Indias most respected & popular Radio & Podcast host Hrishikesh Kannan popularly known as Hrishi K to copresent this. Happy Listening! This a Radio One production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.
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In the medieval science of alchemy, scientists attempted to exchange base metals into gold. They failed. Those of us in Christ Jesus, however, can joy-fy life, i.e. exchange life’s rawest troubles into something that vastly outvalues gold. Learn how to apply this remarkable exchange.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Hardships in life have nothing to do with joy. Unless they encompass nothing but joy? Dr. Richard looks at James’s transformational instructions about facing difficulties in episode 3 of the JOYFY: Optimizing Trials Welling series.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Do you have counter space in your life? You might be surprised at what you need. Watch the newest Joy Counter devotional to get Dr. Richard’s measure, drawn from the book of James.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Do you have counter space in your life? You might be surprised at what you need. Watch the newest Joy Counter devotional to get Dr. Richard’s measure, drawn from the book of James.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Insurance companies may promise one thing and deliver another, but it is the opposite with God. In Episode 6 of The Enfolding, Dr. Ramesh Richard explores the prevention and protection strategies of the Most High One.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Have you ever hit land mines in life? Hassles? Hurt? Hatefulness? Havoc? In episode 5 of Enfolding, Dr. Richard reminds us that we can be supremely safe wherever we go. Click here or the image to watch for your welling!Dr. Ramesh Richard
Wherever you are, God has a place for you. Dr. Richard looks at a favorite psalm through the perspective of a new and unexpected season in his life. Click here or the image to watch episode 1 of The EnfoldingDr. Ramesh Richard
The beautiful and enduring blessing of 2 Thessalonians 3:16 can transform the bleakest of circumstances. Click to be encouraged by the final message in Dr. Richard’s series on PEACE.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Peace seems in short supply these days. Hard to find, and not just because of pandemic or war-induced supply chain issues. Yet it is readily available. Using the theme verse of this series, Dr. Richard explains how that is possible.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Madison's Advertising Report 2022 which Sam quotes from is an eye-opener for Ramesh Menon and other business leaders at large because it talks about growth rates for print, outdoor, tv, radio & digital. The advertising & media buying legend's candid take on the TV Rating Scandal that took over the nation's collective consciousness recently leaves H…
Ramesh Menon feels that Dheeraj & his team have transcended advertising. And that is really a testament to the changing culture at Leo Burnett. Plus there is a distinct pattern of communication for their brands that reflects that changing culture. Hrishi K is keen to know what's the new way to market in India & Dheeraj's take on specialised marketi…
Hrishi K has been wanting to put the finger on the pulse of the beauty business which is going through the roof. Good Glamm became India’s first beauty Unicorn with a 1.1 Billion Valuation! Ramesh Menon is all charged up to chat with the lady who’s brought together innovative and fast-growing beauty and personal care brands, powered by the Group's …
In the English language, a reflexive pronoun emphasizes someone’s personal action or involvement. You yourself are reading this paragraph. Dr. Richard highlights a humble pronoun that signifies something profound in the next PEACE episode. Watch “A Personal Definition of Peace” now!Dr. Ramesh Richard
Ramesh Menon is fascinated that Prashant & Kellogg have built a INR 1500cr. breakfast cereal category right from scratch and today they're proudly the #1 breakfast cereal brand loved by millions. The Kelloggs india story needs a deep dive. Hrishi K probes Peres on their product portfolio & how brand Kelloggs has managed to look at and build product…
This one really is an FAQs podcast episode on all things Crypto, Bitcoins & VDAs ( Virtual Digital Assets ). The concerns that our hosts Ramesh Menon & Hrishi K could easily be your concerns spoken out aloud! Is it safe & is the government and the banking sector viewing the space with scepticism? But one thing that cannot be ignored is that this is…
Chaos is one good way to summarize the world these days. Can we have any kind of peace or stability? A statement almost buried in a letter to first-century Thessalonian believers holds tremendous promise. Dr. Richard explains in the second PEACE series podcast.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Diving into Infotech in this episode. Hrishi K is fascinated that Anand has been a software programmer, client engagement manager, business development professional and now head of global IT operations and navigated through all those roles effortlessly. Ramesh wants the lowdown from Sahay on DevOps as a software engineering culture and practice & t…
Many churches today observe a powerful liturgical conversation in which the leader says, “Peace be with you,” and the people reply, “And also with you.” In his first devotional on Peace, Dr. Richard introduces a similar early church greeting that empowers believer still today. Listen Now.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Ramesh Menon is intrigued at how effortlessly Nagpal turned a major corner with his brand. Namely giving it a rebranding, repositioning and rehaul from Tata Sky to Tata Play. Hrishi K loves how Harit drops truth bombs in the most nonchalant & natural manner & gets to the point with his remarkable insights as opposed to beating around the bush!…
Something transformative happens when we apply love and truth in life. That WELLth overflows. In the final episode of this series, Dr. Richard encourages us to join the cycle of true well-being.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Hrishi K thinks it’s ultra-cool that Vivek & his Kama Ayurveda have taken the principles of ancient Ayurveda & added their well researched & developed scientific formulae to create modern progressive products. Ramesh Menon is impressed at how Sahni rejigged & turned the company from being a brick-and-mortar company to an e-commerce driven company. …
We’ve become almost obsessed with health these days. Everyone talks about it. But are we talking about the right things? In the next WELL episode, Dr. Richard looks at the Bible’s perspective on health—from the inside out.Dr. Ramesh Richard
In our International Women's Day Special, Ramesh Menon doffs his hat to Hardika for chipping away at the glass ceiling by being one of the few women in the world leading a fintech company. Hrishi K loves that Kinara Capital facilitates loans for women entrepreneurs in the MSME sector. Its Woman Power all the way in this edition of our podcast!…
Look at any bookstore’s health and wellness section or search “health and wellness” online. The options confound the mind and promise amazing results. Yet do they lead us to true well-being? Dr. Richard reminds us of the source of all health in “WELLth: The Cure.”Dr. Ramesh Richard
Hrishi K is impressed by the Cashify story. It's obvious they saw a gap in the market as far as used & refurbished devices are concerned & and just moved for the kill and continue to grow organically! For Ramesh Menon as a business leader himself, he likes that they have worked on making their business risk free keeping a keen eye on the future.…
We’ve become almost obsessed with health these days. Everyone talks about it. But are we talking about the right things? In the next WELL episode, Dr. Richard looks at the Bible’s perspective on health—from the inside out.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Do you ever wonder what to say to someone who is sick? The most-used phrase may be, “Get well.” But what does that mean? An ancient pastor’s letter to his spiritual son helps us get to the heart of wellness. Watch the second episode of the “WELL” series, “Health Wishes.”Dr. Ramesh Richard
Each year heads of state around the world deliver “State of the Nation”-type messages. These evaluations of a nation’s condition provide important information to citizens and the rest of the world. In the first episode of “WELL,” Dr. Richard talks about our most vital health check. Watch here …Dr. Ramesh Richard
We go through life acting on assumptions. But are they valid? God permits life experiences to challenge our assumptions. In this final episode of the PAINPOWER series, Dr. Richard encourages us to be trained by pain in a spiritual learning process.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Most of us like to be correct, but we don’t like the process of correction! Correction can feel painful. However, in this talk, Dr. Richard helps us see why and how correction is powerful.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Pressure washers remove dirt out of difficult to reach places. We accumulate spiritual dirt and sometimes need good and deep cleaning. In this episode of PAINPOWER, Dr. Richard presents a highly effective power-washer that none of us can get away from. Click to watch now.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Life is painful. Period. Since pain is always personal, one person's pain can be of benefit to another, and vice versa. In this episode of PAINPOWER, Dr. Ramesh Richard explores this unique reality.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Everyone in the classroom of life (and that’s all of us) experiences pain. Over the five Mondays of January 2022, watch Dr. Ramesh Richard walk us through short lessons on WELLING.LIFE. First, we’ll look at how pain clarifies—a powerful way to start an unclear New Year.Dr. Ramesh Richard
December 25 may be past, but parts of our Faith will celebrate Christmas into January! Mega-joy, once experienced, overflows in ever-widening circles of influence. It’s for you, for the world. Find encouragement whatever your situation as Dr. Richard talks about the seasonless joy of Christ with us.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Happy or Merry Christmas? Neither, in a joyless world…the world of the original Christmas. Not unlike ours today. Over the Christmas season, the next two Welling.Life reflections, Dr. Richard reminds us of how Christmas addresses joylessness and transforms it.Dr. Ramesh Richard
In a departure from the usual format, our hosts Ramesh Menon & Hrishi K put our Ceo guest through a rapid-fire round! But then this spirit is synonymous with the brand that Mohit Khattar represents - Baskin Robbins. The former MD of Godrej Natures Basket & now CEO of Graviss Foods is excited about launching a line of warm desserts & gives us lesson…
While the world has been fighting a deadly contagion, another and better, age-old contagion is still sweeping the globe. A contagion from God for the good of people all over the world. Watch the final episode of Blessed Beyond to find your place in the spreading of the ripples of blessing.Dr. Ramesh Richard
Despair fills the hearts of individuals, families, nations and even the whole globe these days. Yet Psalm 67 exhorts us to sing for joy. Does the psalmist know what he is talking about? View the 5th episode of Blessed Beyond for how this can be.Dr. Ramesh Richard
The former CEO of Tata Cliq & COO of Landmark is now using the digital & technology piece to drive Mahindra First Choice Wheels to higher glory as their Ceo. Hrishi K is excited by the thought of them building technology tools & using AI for vehicle inspection. Ramesh Menon admires the way Ashustosh & his team have acquired & gone on to build many …
We’ve looked at God as the center of our existence and the world as the scope of our mission. Now we look at the future orientation of blessing, its forward-looking nature. Watch the next episode of “Blessed Beyond” to distribute God’s favor into the future—our vision.Dr. Ramesh Richard
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