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A podcast honoring the work of the influential American poet and short story writer, Raymond Carver from the last town he called home: Port Angeles, Washington. In each episode the special guest chooses a favorite story or poem by Carver and we embark on an in-depth discussion of the piece. This program is approved by Carver's Estate and is produced at Peninsula College.
The Hound of Heaven stalks the death house in pursuit of the soul of a modern Dismas in this true story of a doomed criminal who found God in the solitude of a prison. The author, Father Raymond, was a Trappist monk from Gethsemani, Kentucky. He was a well known author of such books as "The Man Who Got Even With God", "The Family That Overtook Christ", and many others. (Summary from the dust jacket and Maria Therese)
Raymond's Corner

Raymond's Corner

Raymond Gay

This podcast will focus around areas of life that I enjoy. Some of these areas are conversation surrounding mental health, interviews with people I respect or admire, personal growth; as well as other content that I might share. I welcome and encourage interaction with my listeners, please reach out to me with any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have. Follow me on #twitter @RaymondsCorner, or my #website RaymondsCorner.com
Satellite radio series based on bible prophecy books by Raymond McCullough: Oh What Rapture! Is a 'secret rapture' going to spare believers from the tribulation to come? The Whore and her Mother 9/11, Babylon and the Return of the King by Raymond McCullough My background is in lecturing, publishing and radio/TV – but previously I ran a construction business. I still love to know how things are put together – buildings, origins of words, phrases – so I have used a similar approach in explorin ...
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Announcement of the launch of the Raymond Carver Podcast. The first guest will be the poet, Tess Gallagher, Ray's widow, who will talk about his short story "Cathedral". This podcast honors the work of one of America's most influential writers. Special guests are invited to choose one story or two poems to discuss with the host. Along with these de…
Interviews with... Stacey Jones, Jaiman Lowe, Anthony Minichiello, Ryan Hoffman, Kevin Campion, Michael Morgan, Luke Lewis & Greg Alexander!Andy Raymond / Stacey Jones / Jaiman Lowe / Anthony Minichiello / Ryan Hoffman / Kevin Campion / Michael Morgan / Luke Lewis / Greg Alexander /
Interviews with... Api Koroisau, Ryan Hinchcliffe, Kevin Walters, Jason Clark, David Furner, Adrian Morley, Wade Graham & Brett Kenny!Andy Raymond / Api Koroisau / Ryan Hinchcliffe / Kevin Walters / Jason Clark / David Furner / Adrian Morley / Wade Graham / Brett Kenny /
Interviews with... Gorden Tallis, The Mole, John Sutton, Ben Galea, Tim Mannah, Elliott Whitehead, Rod Silva & Luke Lewis!Andy Raymond / Gorden Tallis / The Mole / John Sutton / Ben Galea / Tim Mannah / Elliott Whitehead / Rod Silva / Luke Lewis /
Chattin' with... Cody Walker, Api Koroisau, Mick Crocker, Drew Hutchison, Keegan Hipgrave, Robbie Farah, Dale Finucane, Josh Mansour, Marty Taupau and Adrian Morley!Andy Raymond / Cody Walker / Api Koroisau / Mick Crocker / Drew Hutchison / Keegan Hipgrave / Robbie Farah / Dale Finucane / Josh Mansour / Marty Taupau / Adrian Morley /
Written by Ean Smith Cast: Dylan Carey (@_groovebox_): Narrator Jakob Schaeffer: Michael, Tribeca Kid, AFI Kid Fee Basanavicius (@fbasanavicius): Sylvia, Ma Alex Cambell (@likethesoup92): Masculine Cassidy, Pa, Sign Maker, Elliott Travis Marsala (@travismarsala): Sundance Kid, Relatively Short Man, Mary Beth Susan Day: Daphne, Seamstress, Francis A…
Chattin' with... Clint Gutherson, Jason Stevens, Wayde Egan, Shane Wright, Scott Sattler, Curtis Sironen, Chris Walker and Adam Doueihi!Andy Raymond / Clint Gutherson / Jason Stevens / Wayde Egan / Shane Wright / Adam Doueihi / Chris Walker / Curtis Sironen / Scott Sattler /
Written by Ean Smith. Cast: Dylan Carey (@_groovebox_): Narrator Jakob Schaeffer: Michael, Tribeca Kid, AFI Kid Fee Basanavicius (@fbasanavicius): Sylvia Alex Cambell (@likethesoup92): Masculine Cassidy, Elliott Travis Marsala (@travismarsala): Sundance Kid, Mary Beth Susan Day: Daphne, Francis Ashley Whitehurst (@ashleymdub): Georgina, Toronto Int…
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