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Growing Up; Rettams

Growing Up; Rettams

Growing Up; Rettams

Growing up is hard. And everyone does it. This podcast highlights topics and themes that align with Rettam. It also brings in passionaite young guests who aren't just "growing up", but are doing so in a way where they're growing up with a passion, purpose, a dream & the desire to help others. They are growing up rettam. To learn more about us ------>
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Growing Up; Rettams Podcast w/ Special Guest Miles Mccormack. Also known as @milesofcolor on all of his social media platforms. He is a awesome person who's incredibly talented at many things! He has an awesome hunger for what he wants in life and puts the time into what he's going to get. We talk about how he was able to get traction on Instagram,…
We talk about our failures. The ones that hurt us the most. And our second host Grant Breeze talks about what happened after he lost over $100k and how it happened. This episode will be shedding light on how a 19 year old and 24 year old are getting over their failures. We talk about how our failures have changed how we are approaching life and wha…
In this podcast we talk about gratitude. Not only about what gratitude does, but also how it helps advance and improve ourselves in reaching our dreams. Hosts: Grant Breeze(@grantbreeze) & David Ratunuman (@davidratman) Music by Joakim Karud & Andrew ApplepieGrowing Up; Rettams
This episode we talk about college! Why it wasn't for us or why we are still there. And also why we think college is good for. This is our 2 cents about college from a 19 and 24 year old host :) Don't forget.... your a stud :) Music by: Joakim KarudGrowing Up; Rettams
This episode will go over what this podcast is about. The type of special guests we bring in. And topics or themes that we believe are important and aligns with what rettam means. We hope you enjoy and don't forget... your a stud! Music by: Joakim KarudGrowing Up; Rettams
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