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Hậu Quả Bỏ Hành Lễ Salah: Bài thuyết giảng thứ sáu ngày 4/Jumad Al-Akhirah/1435 H, nhằm ngày 4/4/2014, trong thuyết giảng phân tích các chủ đề sau: 1- Nhiệm vụ chính của người Muslim là hành lễ bắt buộc đúng theo giờ giấc đã ấn định, tuyệt đối không được thực hiện sớm hơn hoặc trì hoãn. 2- Ai không hành lễ Salah thì không phải là Muslim. 3- Ai lơ là, cẩu thả với nghĩa vụ Salah sẽ bị trừng trị ngay trong cỏi mộ và đó cũng là bản tính của người ngụy Muslim.
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سجدے سے اٹھ کے سیدھا بیٹھنا، دو سجدوں کے درمیان بیٹھنا اور اس کی لذت، بھلائی کو سمیٹناDr. Farhat Hashmi
Conor McNamara from BBC 5 Live, Marc Gaier from BBC Radio Merseyside and Dan Kay from the Liverpool Echo tell Nick Garnett where they think Mo Salah is heading. Meanwhile Wael Hussein El Sayed in Cairo tells Nick never to use his first name in an Arabic speaking country ever again (it means ****)!BBC Radio 5 live
The ‘real’ Salah is found. Nick Garnett travels to Nagrig where the footballer grew up to find his charity is single handedly saving hundreds of people from poverty. The dream of winning the World Cup may not have happened, but Salah is treated as a hero by all who know him.BBC Radio 5 live
A simple ‘just say no’ message from Salah has increased calls to drug charities in Egypt by 400%. He’s everywhere - from billboards to TV adverts. Nick Garnett travels to Cairo in his search for the ‘real’ Salah and wears a Liverpool shirt with the footballer’s name on and gets mobbed at the pyramids. Somehow he ends up on a camel...…
In this special edition, Nick Garnett investigates ‘The Music of Mo’. James’ lead singer Tim Booth and Dodgy’s Nigel Clark explain how they felt when they learnt Sit Down and Good Enough were being borrowed by fans wanting to sing songs about Salah. Also, the Egyptian rapper Mahmoud Sabber explains how songs about Salah might bring about big change…
Nick Garnett discovers how Mo Salah is building bridges everywhere he goes and giving a new sense of pride in Liverpool’s Arabic community. The red and blue halves of Merseyside are now working with local Muslims to collect food for the city’s poor. Nick goes on a tour of where he grew up to find how the children at his old school love their new he…
Nick Garnett begins an epic journey from Liverpool to Egypt and back as he tries to track down the ‘real’ Mo Salah.Nick bumps into ‘another Mo Salah’ outside the Kop and chats to George Sephton, the voice of Anfield, who has to turn up the volume to 11 whenever Salah scores. And he travels to London where the King of Egypt’s golden boots are the la…
ہم صرف تیری عبادت کرتے ہیں او صرف تجھی سے مدد چاہتے ہیں، ہمیں سیدھے راستے کی ہدایت دےDr. Farhat Hashmi
بادشاہ کی طرف جانے والا معزز انسان، بادشاہ کی سخاوت و فراخ دلیDr. Farhat Hashmi
نماز ایک دسترخوان اور باران رحمت ہے، دسترخوان سے فارغ ہوکر جاناDr. Farhat Hashmi
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