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We talk with Troy Woodland from JUST Aircraft about the business of building STOL aircraft or what most think of as a bush style plane. STOL stands for "Short Take Off & Landing" These planes are awesome and can be bought as kits from JUST Aircraft.SouthCack Syndicate
We talk with Hal Welch of the Edwards Group about why traditional media like radio and newspapers may still be right for your business. We also try to find out who Tell Willie is....SouthCack Syndicate
We talk about the challenges of starting a business or brewery in this case, with Paul Cain of Magnetic South Brewery. How fast should you grow? How important is vision? Should you take on business partners? We answer all of these questions and more.SouthCack Syndicate
We talk about the obligation of local government when it comes to supporting business and giving the community a voice. Being an elected official is a thankless job, yet the importance of what they do is so very important. We give you our take on it from a business prospective, plus a special surprise guest.…
On this episode of the SouthCack Syndicate Podcast we discuss the business of collectables. Things like cigars, whiskey, wines, watches and shoes. You can also see these episode on the SouthCack Syndicate Podcast YouTube channel.SouthCack Syndicate
We talk with Rob Pitts "Rabbit" about making TV shows for Discovery, Netflix and YouTube. We also discuss the world of used car sales. Robs new show "Tex-Mex Muscle" will launch on Netflix around February 2023.SouthCack Syndicate
On this episode of the SouthCack Syndicate Podcast we talk with Reah Smith about drag racing motorcycles, upstate South Carolina lake real estate and the importance as a real estate agent to join your local board of realtors.SouthCack Syndicate
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