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We seek to rightly divide the word of truth between Law and Gospel, so that the people in the city of New York and beyond might know and confess where they end and God begins. We proclaim the historic faith of Christ and Him crucified. "When I came to you, brothers and sisters, I did not come proclaiming the mystery of God to you in lofty words or wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified." - 1 Corinthians, 2 Calvary/St. George’s is a community of ...
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Sermons at St. George's

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Sermons at St. George's offers preaching from the pulpit of a Texas Episcopal Church that strives to be inclusive and welcoming of all who come to us, progressive and scripturally based. These sermons relate scripture to spiritual, ethical, personal and social issues that are of immediate usefulness in the lives of our listeners.
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The Rev. MJ Layton explains that we do not need to live either in a fantasy that we will get away with our sins or in fear of eternal judgment, because Jesus’s resurrection ensures for us forgiveness of sins and life after death.The Rev. MJ Layton
The Rev. Janet Broderick asks "How many things are we shepherding? Looking for? What kind of anxiety is that causing?" Jesus speaks directly to this human condition with love and a suggestion.The Rev. Janet Broderick
The question each one of us most longs to ask is “Can you see the real me?” We want to be known as we are. Simultaneously, that same question frightens us more than almost any other. Vulnerability is a risk, but depth of relationship demands it.Sermon from 8/28/22.St. George's Nashville
The Rev. MJ Layton explores how Jesus’s comments about dinner parties might seem simply like good advice: “Don’t take the important seat! Make sure you invite someone who has less than you!” But this passage actually points us to something much better: God’s dinner party, enacted each week at the communion table, where we are invited to receive Chr…
The passage about Jeremiah’s call to ministry is one of many narratives in the Bible known as “call stories.” If you read a sampling of them – say the call of Abraham, or Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Jonah, Isaiah, Mary, Paul (and the list goes on), you'll notice that each of these stories is incredibly unique. God tailors his call to each person. We may…
The Rev. MJ Layton examines the stories of men and women of faith who trusted in the promises of God even when they didn’t always see them fulfilled. God calls us to walk that same journey of faith, but we do not do it alone, because God sent us his Son to walk it for us. Jesus walked the journey perfectly and because of him, we also can trust the …
Jesus tells a parable of a rich man whom God calls a fool. The man is a fool because he has missed the meaning of life. He is clueless as to what life is really about, wrongly thinking that life consists in the abundance of possessions. As Christians we believe that our “life is hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3). Is this true for you? We …
Based on the text from Colossians 1:15-28.The 'thrones, dominions, rulers, and powers' mentioned in Colossians 1:16, may be read as Satan's fallen angels camouflaging as light in the invisible realm to deceive those seeking God's light outside of Christ and the Church. Paul emphasized that Jesus is the only true God, who has saved us from these dar…
The Rev. MJ Layton explores how Jesus Christ identifies himself with the lowly, weak, and vulnerable, to meet us at our deepest point of need and to save the world from itself. When we come to Christ, we get to join his neighborhood, the neighborhood of the least and the lost.The Rev. MJ Layton
On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus meets three potential disciples. The three conversations he has with these men challenge our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. Are we willing to be the type of disciples that Jesus desires?Sermon from 6/26/22.St. George's Nashville
The Rev. Janet Broderick explores how the demons of this world wish to rob us of our moral agency, dehumanize us and make us enter into a scapegoat ritual. Jesus condemned the scapegoat ritual and became the scapegoat for us all - that we would no longer need to find one.The Rev. Janet Broderick
John 16:12-15Jesus promises us that the Spirit of truth will teach and guide us in our day to day lives. How does the Spirit teach us? And how can we discern if it is God’s Spirit directing us versus our own desires and imaginations?Sermon from 6/12/22.St. George's Nashville
Despite abundant religious alternatives, and despite the dangers of becoming a follower of Jesus, and despite the ignominious death of the leader of the movement, Christianity swept the far reaches of the Roman empire and beyond like fire. Why?Sermon from 6/5/22.St. George's Nashville
If the dramatic “fireworks” of the Holy Spirit seem strange or intimidating or us, that’s understandable, but that doesn’t mean we get a pass on learning about the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the Holy Spirit’s presence work in our lives looks more like a fire that’s burning in a fireplace that grows slowly, builds over time, and burns steadily over the …
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