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Startup University

Startup University

Andrew Monroe

Most entrepreneurial content out there is the happy, fluffy and shiny side of things. This podcast is the opposite. I offer real and raw insight into my personal journey as an entrepreneur/student-athlete at one of the toughest institutions in the world, Stanford University. I will give advice, talk about what I've learned, discuss my failures, and more. This podcast will also focus on entrepreneurial personal development, environmental design, biohacking, and more.
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I used to be so worried that I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur because I couldn’t start a business that I was “passionate” about. I think that is BS now. Your passion does not have to be about the business itself, but can be in aspects that surround the business like building things, wealth generation, helping your family, creating generationa…
I decided to commit to showing up everyday, no matter what I was doing. For running, this got me a full-ride scholarship to Stanford University. For business, I continue to evolve as an entrepreneur every single day. Show up, and you will eventually rise to the top.
In this episode, I talked with Adam Arellano, the founder of Suite Twenty Four and The BodyFrame App, about how he earned the 2-comma club award, which is earning $1,000,000+ with a sales funnel in a single year. Adam talked about his path from failure to freedom, how he builds his Saas and App development companies, and what it takes to be a succe…
Comparing yourself to other people is one of the most dangerous forms of self-sabotage. Your path to success is unique to you, and if you keep looking at those around you and comparing where you are in your journey to where they are, it is going to weigh heavily on your mental state. Stop doing it.
I got the opportunity to interview the founder of Catena Media, and the co-host if the Becoming Great podcast, Erik Bergman. Erik has a big list of financial success, but has dedicated his life to spreading a message of positivity and inspiration around the world.•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @…
Part 2 of the traffic secrets series! In this episode, I break down Russell’s fire instagram growth strategy. Enjoy!•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewgmonroe•Email:
Today I interviewed the founder of Business Nitrogen David Sarnow! I learned so much from David, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.•If you want access to the full interview, go to•FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewgmonroe•Email:…
I just needed to rant! As week 8 of school approaches, I’m going to test myself and see if I can balance finals with training and business. Stay tuned!•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewgmonroe•Email:
I heard a really cool quote on the IFS team meeting today. The quote was “when is the best time to kill an alligator? Right after it eats, because it’s full, complacent, and has its guard down.” •••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewgmonroe•Email:…
Something I’ve been thinking about lately is longevity. How can I set myself up for the future? How do I create long-term wealth? How do I create generational wealth? These are all tough questions to tackle...•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewgmonroe•Email:…
My Traffic Secrets book finally came in! Because I am so excited to learn, I am going to be doing a “Traffic Secrets” series where I break down the book, chapter by chapter.•In the first episode of the series, I talk about finding your dream customer and figuring out where they are hiding. Enjoy!•••FREE Facebook group:…
In this episode, I talk about the lie that we have been fed since the beginning of our journeys as humans, and how it just screwed over millions in of Americans.•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewmonroee•Email:
In this episode, I talk about the commitment I made to learning every day, and why you should do the same thing. Enjoy!•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewmonroee•Email:
In this episode, I talk about how working on yourself as an individual before focusing on the business strategy is necessary. Enjoy!•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewmonroee•Email:
In this episode, I talk about why you need to publish in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy!•••FREE Facebook group:•Instagram: @andrewmonroee•Email:
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