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One issue in global politics explained each week, so you understand what’s really going on, why it’s happening, and what’s likely to happen next. Dr. Keith Suter is Australia's leading media commentator on global affairs and geopolitics. This series gives you the global truths in straightforward and short episodes. For more episodes download the free LiSTNR app


Susana Millan

Bienvenido al podcast de Susana Millan donde hablaremos de herramientas para trabajar mejor con niños para psicólogos, terapeutas y maestros; entrenamiento para ser unos mejores padres y formas de encontrar la felicidad.
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How vulnerable is the grid that most of us rely on for electricity? EMPs are bursts of electromagnetic energy with the potential to disrupt and damage grids. Today, Dr Keith Suter discusses energy decentralisation, and how it might save us from an electrical meltdown. See for privacy information.…
The midterm elections have again shone a light on the intricacies of US politics. Dr Keith Suter discusses the relationship between US Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama as explored in the book, 'The Long Alliance' by Gabriel Debenedetti. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
Will Russia's Vladimir Putin be tried for war crimes? Dr Keith Suter explains the process of international criminal courts and why this could be difficult, despite the mounting evidence against him. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
Warning: what you're about to hear involves crimes against children. Listener discretion is advised. The story you weren’t allowed to hear is finally out in the open. It’s a silent epidemic— and it’s coming for our kids. Australian documentary-maker Akhim Dev follows the Queensland Police investigation of a notorious child exploitation website. ‘Th…
Could there be violence during the upcoming US midterms? The January 6 riots in Washington live on in people's memories worldwide. Today, Dr Suter breaks down the unrest that continues to plague American politics. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
President Putin has called upon hundreds of thousands of Russian reservists this month. How will this impact the conflict? Dr Keith Suter breaks down the most recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine war. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
A new book by Kristin Ohlson examines the connectedness of nature. It may be time to rethink our interactions with the world around us. Dr Keith Suter discusses "Sweet in Tooth and Claw: Stories of Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World". See for privacy information.LiSTNR
President Biden has confirmed that he would defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion. What might this mean for Australia? Dr Keith Suter explains the escalation in tensions and outlines what a war with China could look like. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
How safe is submarine internet infrastructure? Undersea cables are the backbone of our modern age but they are also highly vulnerable. Dr Keith Suter discusses threats and examines the oversight needed to secure these global communications lines. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
Could reality television be impairing our ability to think critically? Dr Keith Suter breaks down an article by John W. Whitehead called Humilitainment: How to control the citizenry through reality tv distractions. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
A new era of computing could blur the gap between reality and the virtual world. Dr Keith Suter discusses a Time Magazine excerpt from a book by Matthew Ball - The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything. See for privacy information.LiSTNR
Hired soldiers known as mercenaries have been around as long as modern war itself. So what's causing the current rise in these outsourced armies? Dr Keith Suter details a brief history of mercenaries, why a resurgence in their use is leading to the privatisation of war, and which group employed by Putin is said to be after Ukraine's leader Volodymy…
Nuclear war? Pandemics? What event could really mean the end? Dr Keith Suter brings a surprisingly optimistic outlook to this question as he tracks the past catastrophes humanity has survived through, and why the end of the world might not be as close as doomsayers believe. See for privacy information.…
What makes a country a 'superpower'? And which nations are emerging as ones to watch in the political landscape? Dr Keith Suter breaks down the term, gives a history of how the superpowers of today's world came to be so powerful, and what we can expect to see in the near future. See for privacy information.…
Hopes of tackling climate change have been thrown into doubt in a recent article examining the impacts of Putin's current plans for Russia. Dr Keith Suter explains the political context behind Russia's government, what 'petro-politics' means and how its shaping our world, and why it might be up to China to decide how this whole situation will end. …
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