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From 1974 to 1978, serial killer Ted Bundy killed at least an estimated 30 women and girls across six states. He slinked into basement apartments, stalked beaches and preyed on college campuses. In "Hunted," a special, three-part podcast, the Coloradoan delves into Bundy's crimes, his victims and his little-known time terrorizing Colorado
An analysis of rare recordings of serial killer Ted Bundy confessing to kidnapping, rape, murder, necrophilia, and corpse mutilation a few days prior to his execution. FBI profilers, a doctor of serial killing, criminal psychologists, and a famed homicide detective who interviewed Bundy weigh in on unredacted audio files withheld from the public.
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The disappearance of an 8-year-old girl, the stabbing of a little boy, dismembered remains of unknown victims scattered over the side of a mountain; why Ted Bundy and other serial killers keep certain memories to themselves. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit shares insight into the secrets of monsters. And hear Bundy’s final, sick admission record…
This second set of raw, unredacted confessional recordings of serial killer Ted Bundy showcases his manipulative, savvy pleadings to stay alive. He offers to share the locations of skeletal remains of unknown victims in exchange for delaying his execution. Time is fast running out to cut a deal.Chris Halsne
A secure vault, containing long-forgotten evidence related to the Ted Bundy case, is opened for Interview with Evil: detective audio notes, recordings of psychic observations, and a hypnosis session that reveals a witness to one of the most brazen crimes ever.Chris Halsne
Ted Bundy had competition -- and he hated that. Another, even more prolific serial killer, was taking sex workers off the streets near Seattle while Bundy stewed with envy inside prison. Bundy asked detectives if he could help catch “The Riverman.” Listen to Bundy accurately “profile” the elusive Green River Killer. This rare audio material is comp…
In this bonus episode of Interview with Evil: Ted Bundy’s FBI Confessions, listen to the first hour of an unredacted audio file where Bundy describes his kidnapping and murder of a University of Washington freshman. In his own words, exactly how he remembers the crime 15 years later. He never told anyone this story until a few days before his execu…
The world’s leading expert on serial killers’ listens to the FBI’s unredacted Ted Bundy confessional recordings for the first time. Her insight into Bundy’s uncontrollable desire to dominate his victims, necrophilia, and the thrill behind hunting dozens of young women.Chris Halsne
Could Ted Bundy's 1970s killing spree have been stopped? In this special, three-part podcast series produced by the Fort Collins Coloradoan, we delve into Bundy's crimes, victims and multiple escapes from Colorado law enforcement.Fort Collins Coloradoan
After a happenstance traffic stop outside Salt Lake City, Ted Bundy's time as a nameless, faceless phantom comes to an end. Officially known to authorities, Bundy finally faces a few of his crimes. But he has not intention of staying put.Fort Collins Coloradoan
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