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This talk is about:- How designers and researchers work at Spotify- Favourite and challenging parts of UX research jobRecommendations from Carolyn:Podcasts:- Awkward silences- Dollars and donuts- Mixed methodsBooks:- Erika Hall. Just enough research- Don Norman. Design of everyday things.Articles:- Tomer Sharon. The atomic unit of a research insigh…
Talk with Derek Kedziora about:- The process of collaboration between UX designers and writers- The challenges of writing great content- The experience of being an American and living in UkraineBook recommended:The Laws of Simplicity by John MaedaIevgen Voroniuk
What this talk is about:- Switching from software developer to UX designer- How companies are benefiting from UX consultancy- Challenges of Arabic typography in digital designRecommendations from Robert:The book. Ruined by Design, by Mike MonteiroDesign Better PodcastIevgen Voroniuk
Some topics from the talk:- Switching between different areas of design. (Game, UX, Service)- Experience of living in different countries and cultural differences- What could be common between AR and bouldering- Challenges of not being a man in a tech fieldRecommendations from Tuuli:Books:Lou Downe: Good Services Scott McCloud: Understanding Comics…
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