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For over 60 years Malcolm Smith has brought in-depth Biblical teaching to the body of Christ. The nucleus of this teaching is to help all believers come to a vibrant, relevant understanding of the unconditional, unending, unwavering, covenant love of God. Malcolm Smith is not an evangelist but, as he often describes himself, is an evangelist to the evangelized, teaching believers who they are in Christ, the beloved of God and His dwelling place through the Spirit.
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Joshua tells his story about feeling vulnerable and finding support around coming-out while growing up in an Evangelical family. Joshua's personal journey from childhood to adulthood reveals some complexities of encountering homophobia and learning about sexuality.Alejandro Echeverria, Frankie Younger, Grecia Perez, Anthony R. Jerry
Aref and Candy share their experiences of transitioning in Oaxaca, Mexico as well as the challenges of living as non-binary. They explain the important work they are doing for Trans lives across Oaxaca in legal recognition processes. Visit their social media accounts for more information about their collective: https://www.instagram.com/oaxatrans/?…
In this episode Francisco talks to us about how there are many forms of coming out including coming out on social media and how this impacts family. Francisco also explores other topics such as media representation, being a queer youth and how some family members change stances across the years.Alejandro Echeverria, Frankie Younger, Grecia Perez, Anthony R. Jerry
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