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On Season 3, we explore how the current watershed era of change cascades into our lives and impacts mental and physical wellbeing. Medicine, science and communities are at a formative moment of recognizing the interplay between our bodies and minds with the shifting landscapes of nature and society. Yet, long-held stigmas and stereotypes persist. Join our community on Twitter @vumc_insights and watch this feed for new episodes in September. #ListenDNA
Learn along side the Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Residents: Knowledge and best practice in this field are constantly changing. As new research and experience broaden our understanding, changes in research methods or professional practices may become necessary. Practitioners and researchers must always rely on their own experience and knowledge in evaluating their patients when using any information or methods described herein. In using such information or methods, they should be mindful of ...
Former Vanderbilt offensive lineman Ryan Seymour started 35 games in his career with the Commodores while participating at four different positions. Seymour was later drafted in the 7th round of the NFL Draft, suiting up for seven different teams. Seymour is now joined by Matt Perkins to bring you in-depth analysis on Coach Clark Lea and his team.
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Beyond the Lab goes to Canada with alumnus Dr. JP Johnson, Jr, PhD, Vice President of Biology at Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. A native to Tennessee, Dr. Johnson shares his journey in industry to the Pacific Northwest and onward to Vancouver.Vanderbilt University
Episode Notes This week we have a great Morning Report case presented by our wonderful chief resident Trevor Stevens! We go through a differential for chief complaint of cough, and Dr. Stevens provides us with high yield on the final diagnosis. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
So you want to start infusing climate best practices into your workflow and ensure climate becomes a part of your protocol or criteria – but how?! Listen in as these Vanderbilt Health non-climate scientist leaders give hands-on, real world ideas that stem from how they pivoted their focus to take on climate change.…
Dr. Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, PhD, tells us about her role as a faculty member with Duke University and the Duke Institute for Brain Science. Dr. Schramm-Sapyta's love for science keeps popping up in her career story, and this episode focuses on this path.Vanderbilt University
The roots of climate change–human-made emissions–and effects of the shifting environment range from microscopic impacts to mega-storms. Physician scientists are assessing how transitions, such as fossil fuel-powered vehicles to EVs, impact health care costs and our health – and whether invisible particles around us have long-term links to cancer. L…
Get inspired to forge creative ways to influence people around you, and get some ideas on how to increase your own climate literacy. Vanderbilt Health physicians at various stages of their career explain how they are leading the charge to fuse climate literacy and awareness into their specialties, their clinics and their patients’ lives.…
It's a little uncomfortable to admit this, but the life of Judas and the readings have done something to me. They've been like a Mirror, inviting me to take a long look. That's what the gospel does: it holds up a mirrir and asks us to take a look. Sermon begins at 10:53.The Rev. Dr. Scott Owings
Does your environment affect your health and wellbeing? Explore what prevents you from bringing your whole self to work, school and your personal relationships. Experts weigh in on the question: Can you thrive if your mental and physical health aren’t in sync?
Finding your place in scripture is an important part of our calling. In today's lesson--if you forget that you are the one sheep out of the 99 that Jesus has come for--you've missed the point of the story. Join us for this sermon and the start of the program year. Sermon begins at 18:10.The Rev. Becca Stevens
Psychiatrists break down what children are experiencing, how they might be processing it, and what’s happening in a system unequipped to triage, treat, or prevent the ever-increasing prevalence of mental health diagnosis in children and adolescents.
Communities and culture affect everyone’s mental health. Experts from Vanderbilt Health explain why the mental health system needs a new shape – and why we’re all shapeshifters of sorts when it comes to our mental wellbeing.
First step toward better collective mental wellbeing? Talking about mental health. So that’s what DNA did. This episode is a snippet of a ListenDNA live conversation on Twitter featuring experts from Vanderbilt Health and teens from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee discussing how to break through the stigma.…
Episode Notes On this episode, we discuss a case of abdominal pain and go through workup of GI malignancies with our recent chief TURNED GI fellow, Christine Lopez. DISCLAIMER: This podcast is made by and for our internal medicine residents to enhance our educational experience. The content, while edited by residents, is not verified by host or spe…
Season 3 is bursting with new elements to spark collaboration and conversation. Check out gold moments from the first four episodes that explore why mental wellness is a pursuit, not a destination, and how it’s influenced by the people and environment around us.Vanderbilt Health
No matter the season of life, no matter the circumstances at home or abroad or in our own lives, the Dark Madonna (like the Psalms and Jesus himself) invites us into the practice of pausing, listening, and pivoting into joy. Sermon begins at 9:15.The Rev. Dr. Scott Owings
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