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Tired of cooking the same ol' recipes? New to vegan cooking and want some help? Well, we are going to start a monthly Vegan Cookbook Club. Each month we select 3 recipes to make as group. We share the photos, advise eachother on the best places to find ingredients and share cooking tips.Archive
Many people transitioning to veganism for health reasons start, at some point, to look at reasons to align the rest of their lifestyle with veganism. Today Stephanie and Emma from Vegan Mainstream are talking about shoes and other wardrobe items - why to make yours vegan, availability, what to look for in non-vegan shoe stores, reasons to support v…
Join Stephanie and Emma from Vegan Mainstream today as they talk about grains – the VM blog focus for the third week of Vegan MOFO. Today we chat about whole grains – what does the term mean, and how are whole grain products different from refined and enriched products. Why are whole grains so good for you, and of course their personal favorites an…
In today’s Vegan Mainstream podcast, Emma and Stephanie talk about the importance of greens in a vegan diet. They chat about their favorite ways to incorporate greens into their diets, some simple recipe ideas, and tips for making sure your greens are CRISP and not SOGGY! Be sure to tune in!Archive
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