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Discover how Louie La Vella fills venues using the social media algorithm to his "unfair advantage". While most businesses fight the algorithm and give up on social media, the LAVELLAMETHOD uses social media to develop a successful strategy and predictably sell out nightclubs and bars. Learn from speaker/author and global concert, nightclub and festival marketing expert Louie La Vella.
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It's another wacky Porchella session with tributes to Eddie Van Halen on his passing and John Lennon (sort of) on his birthday. :-)Bad Connection - YazooEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The PoliceOblivious - Aztec CameraYin and Yang (The Flower Pot Man) - Love and RocketsNemesis (Arch-Deviant Mix) - ShriekbackI Want You - Cabaret VoltaireIt's…
A full mix featuring nothing but tracks from the great and mysterious producer known as Virgin Magnetic Material. It's a full 66 minutes of deep, thick, Nu Disco boots of classic tunes from the likes of yello, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz, and more!
When we get bombarded with links and messages all day long, we don't have time to review an EPK (electronic press kit) - so what do I personally look for when reviewing music and DJ mixes (to sign for brand development or bookings)?Louie La Vella
Social media marketing does not to well if you "set it and forget it." Automation tools are amazing, but if you get lazy and forget to engage, you just might find yourself spending ad dollars to promote your competition.Louie La Vella
What happens when you can't skip YouTube ads! Ahhhh! We loved counting down 5-4-3-2-1-SKIP every time we get interrupted with a YouTube ad, and now their new 6 second ad product is non-skippable. As a marketer, you NEED to create content that is quick but also very entertaining and engaging. This interruption can cause a consumer to get annoyed and…
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