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Team 5 announced a lot of new stuff coming to the game with the next expansion, but in the meantime they dropped 125 cards into standard with the re-release of Knights of the Frozen Throne. What changed? Is Big Priest OP? --- Support this podcast:
Oh you know it's a clickbait title. And we mean it - but not for the reasons you might think! Check out our early impressions of the 24.4.3 balance patch and see if Theotar going to 5 actually changed anything. --- Support this podcast:
A hundred episodes in! Thank you for being there with us along the way. We take a little walk down memory lane before discussing our hopes for the upcoming balance patch. --- Support this podcast:
Who would've expected a meta where a 9 drop removal minion is highly played? Not us. There are plenty of other things to learn from the first data reaper report of the expansion before the nerfs. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Murder at Castle Nathria! We don't have a full report yet, but we have early impressions and you're going to want to hear them in our longest episode ever. --- Support this podcast:
All the cards are out and we have over a week until we get to play with them... so what do we do? We theorychat! Zach has been deep in the lab making decklist drafts and Hat got to play on the theorycrafting stream--tune in to hear where our perspectives overlap. --- Support this podcast:…
We have new information that shows that Renathal is actually making some decks better instead of worse! On top of that, we have a bunch of new cards to review together. --- Support this podcast:
It's yet another meta where the best deck is both underplayed and in the Paladin class. Just play it. But hey, we have stuff to talk about in every class! Well, almost every class... --- Support this podcast:
You might need one if the meta keeps going the way it's been headed. After the last round of changes we have another completely new meta - tune in to get our first impressions! --- Support this podcast:
Unless you're playing Boar Priest or Alignment Druid, at least. We have a lot to talk about with mini-set standard and there's also 10+ minutes of Elden Ring discussion after the outro! --- Support this podcast:
There has been some concern that Hat always ask Zach how he's doing and never gets an answer. Fear not, because this week we get the answer. Tune in to find out! We also talk about standard and some of the new high skill cap decks that have made the rounds on social media. --- Support this podcast:…
There are some pretty interesting post-nerf insights, though of course the diamond elephant in the room gets some special coverage again this week from Zach. All his homies hate Drek'Thar. But there's more to talk about too- especially with some classes that gained some breathing room after the Kazakusan rework. --- Support this podcast: https://an…
Seriously, play two Oracles of Elune! Well, at least until the deck gets nerfed on Tuesday. We recorded this episode 12 hours before the nerf announcements, but you might not believe that after hearing how close some of our predictions were. (Mostly Zach's.) --- Support this podcast:…
After locking himself in the lab, Zach has emerged with a pile of decklists and thoughts about the new meta - and Hat supplements that with his own experience from the theorycrafting streams. It's time for the last episode of the Year of the Gryphon. Hail Hydra! --- Support this podcast:…
Zach has big dreams about some of the cards from the new set and Hat's here to stoke the flames. This set is a class-by-class review of all the new cards we've seen so far and there are a lot of them! --- Support this podcast:
The new set has been announced and the new cards have big Un'Goro two vibes! Listen to Zach and Hat talk over the new mechanics along with some very preliminary card evaluations. --- Support this podcast:
Onyxia's Lair had a bigger impact than anticipated thanks to the dramatic improvement Kazakusan has brought to Druid. We have some early impressions of the meta as well as some predictions as to what will change. --- Support this podcast:
What a two-parter. We're thrilled to have Gallon on for a 30 minute dev interview and then after that there are a whole lot of new cards to cover from the Onyxia's Lair mini-set! --- Support this podcast:
The first report of the 22.2 meta has made it clear... that things aren't very clear at all. The meta is open with lots of options and tremendous class diversity. Thank goodness they nerfed Mozaki. --- Support this podcast:
Well, after the last report, Thief Rogue has exploded on ladder... how much of a problem is it? Are there other decks that are a problem? Is Guff a good boy? (Yes, he is.) --- Support this podcast:
After multiple days of deck refinement and 15 hours of writing, Zach has emerged from the lab with over 40 decklists for the latest report. Is this the most diverse meta ever? And is Thief Rogue broken? --- Support this podcast:
The first and last report of pre-nerf Alterac is here. The devs have heavily implied nerfs are coming this week after worlds, so it's time for some patented ZachO predictions - not to mention a full review of the new meta. --- Support this podcast:
Everyone's wrong on occasion, of course, but it's funnier when it's Hat predicting that Hero Tamsin would not make it into Handlock. Find out what other predictions came true (or didn't) in the first episode in Alterac! --- Support this podcast:
We've got early impressions and we've got new cards! We've got time for both somehow - let's discuss the meta we have now along with what could be the meta we have in two weeks when Alterac comes out. --- Support this podcast:
The Deadmines has shaken up standard and there are a ton of new decks to talk about along with some updates on older ones. Mr. Smite seems to be everywhere and has even found his way into strange Druid combo decks. Is it good? Tune in. --- Support this podcast:…
School is back in session as ZachO puts on his high skill cap and expands on the paradigm between resource and initiative with real-world examples to help illustrate opportunities to grow as a player. If you haven't listened to episode 45, we strongly recommend doing so first! --- Support this podcast:…
The meta has a few developments going on, so it's time for one more review of standard before the mini-set. The format is unusually balanced and diverse with a few surprises worth covering even three months in. --- Support this podcast:
Is Garrote Contact Rogue really the most skill-testing deck of all time? Can a deck's skill ceiling really be measured in data? Yes and yes. Tune in to find out the details. --- Support this podcast:
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