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Vineyard Boise

Vineyard Boise

Vineyard Boise

Weekly Sermons from Vineyard Boise. Vineyard Boise is a body of believers in the heart of Garden City that has been serving Boise since 1989. We are a non-denominational Christian church that pursues authentic Christian life and endeavors to develop mature, reproducible, Spirit-filled Christian disciples, in order to make The Invisible God Visible
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Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. Of course Peter loved Him...Jesus knew that Peter loved Him. So why was Jesus asking? The larger context of the passage and Peter's experience with Jesus reveals that Jesus was telling Peter something very specific: "You are not who you used to be anymore."
We’re gonna talk about judging. If you have been hurt by church folks you may swing the pendulum too far and hear people say things like “No one gets to judge what I do.” “That’s not their place.” But here’s the thing. Judging isn’t wrong, we just need to get better at it.Vineyard Community Church Richmond
Velkommen til en prædiken fra København Vineyard.Tak fordi du lytter med.Dagens taler er Flemming Mølhede fra København Vineyard.Du er altid velkommen til en af vores gudstjenester kl. 10.30 eller kl. 19.00.Eller kig forbi i løbet af ugen til en kop kaffe.Vi glæder os til at se dig.Kbh Vineyard
Each family has a legacy, a history and a set of patterns. God wants to bring blessing and healing to broken patterns. What can we learn from this family about how God wants to bring healing and how God still works in spite of our mistakes.Sarah Watson
We don't want to just have a vision, but we want to live a vision! The church, throughout history, has used a "rule of life" to help shape their lives around abiding with Jesus. Sam invites us to have a rule of life to live out the vision of "being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did" this year.You can download the "rule of li…
Jesus taught that our mouths speak out of the overflow of good (or bad) that we have stored up in our hearts. So how do we “store up good” in our hearts? One way, is repeated throughout the Bible and while it seems so basic, we ALL are challenged to actually create time to make it happen. We are to fill our minds and hearts with His Word. In this t…
Join us today for week 4 in our series called GROW. Each week we are looking at practices that help us carry out our purpose to love God, love people, and change the world. This week Pastor Peter Benedict talks about service. You may listen or watch the sermon below. watch on facebook watch on YouTube Permalink…
The second talk in our Big Questions series is, “Why is there evil and suffering in the world? If there’s a God, why does he allow it?” Steve Burnhope admits there’s no easy answer, but just because we can’t say everything doesn’t mean we can’t say anything. He offers ten thoughts that, though they may not be ‘the’ answer, may offer us parts of an …
Luke 3:1-20 John the Baptist preaches the good news of Jesus' arrival, but not in the way we're necessarily used to these days. The classic phrase "come as you are but don't stay as you are" helps us understand what John is speaking about here and challenges us to come back to God and recommit ourselves to doing what He's saying to us today.…
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