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This is the Weekly Sermon Podcast from Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, WA with Pastor Keith Krell. For more information, go to We would love to meet you if you are in the Seattle area! God Bless You! The Crossroads Bible Church Worship Community ©Crossroads Bible Church
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Sermon Application QuestionsWhy is this story here in the narrative of Mark?What is the meaning of this story?What is glory?The transfiguration validates Jesus and what he just said. What did he just say?Peter told Jesus that he did not need...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRead Romans Chapter 15:1-7Hospitality: Greek Words- philo- Familial lovexenia- Outsider/stranger "Friend/Family to a stranger"Another way to interpret hospitality: Turning strangers into neighbors and...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRead Luke 10:25-37Rod defined service as: to disadvantage ourselves for the advantage of others.*What are the ways the good Samaritan disadvantaged himself for the benefit of another? What might these acts of kindness...Rod VanSolkema
The most important question anyone can answer is “Who is Jesus?” It’s so important that we get the truth about who God is. This morning’s message takes us through a wild story in the book of Acts and reminds us that we are made in God’s image, not the other way around.Pastor Zack Talbert
How can a church ensure that its members work heartily and provide a good gospel witness? It begins by cultivating family accountability. In 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15, Paul shares three instructions to hold the church accountable to glorifying God at work. Study GuidePastor Keith Krell
Sermon Application QuestionsRead Revelation chapters 4-5:When you think of worship as a lifestyle, how does that differ from our normal sense of what we thought worship was?Discuss God as Creator and Redeemer. How do those actions of the Divine...Joe Stowell
Our work is worship, but it’s not enough to just go to work every day and expect that to be enough. In this sermon we will unpack the importance of working with excellence and how that is a beautiful offering of worship to God. Study GuidePastor Austin Quamme
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat is your experience up to this point with the discipleship practices of solitude and silence? Did you have any prior impressions or convictions regarding solitude and silence? Share your experiences.Why is important...Matt Bell
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