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Sermon Application QuestionsRead Revelation chapters 4-5:When you think of worship as a lifestyle, how does that differ from our normal sense of what we thought worship was?Discuss God as Creator and Redeemer. How do those actions of the Divine...Joe Stowell
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat is your experience up to this point with the discipleship practices of solitude and silence? Did you have any prior impressions or convictions regarding solitude and silence? Share your experiences.Why is important...Matt Bell
Sermon Application QuestionsRead 2 Chronicles 24:1-22Are there any practices you do or would like to start doing to help yourself remember what God has done in your life?As you remember your faith story, are there any key milestone moments in...Gabe Hartfield
Sermon Application QuestionsHave you ever experienced a season of “spiritual bankruptcy”? Describe if you can what it felt like and what needed to happen for you to find more depth?What do you think our culture struggles with most in regard to...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsWho is Jesus?How should we respond to Him?Jesus is teaching on clean/unclean, and then goes into the land of the “unclean.” What does this say about Him?Where does Jesus take the man in this story?Why?Rod talked about...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat are some “patterns of the world” that have been challenged in our study of Mark so far? What would the kingdom contrast to that pattern be?From your perspective, what would the syrophonecian woman look like in our...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsCan fear be an idol?How does fear keep you in bondage?What are tangible ways to combat our fears?Discuss the following list of questions. What verses support your answers?Do you believe that God is good?Do you...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsIn what ways do you find that fear debilitates your personal and spiritual life. Be specific if you can be about instances where fear has been a significant problem in your life.How can you regularly practice the...Joe Stowell
Sermon Application QuestionsRod said that religious people have a heart issue where everything is about them. He also said that when we forget that we are sinners saved by grace that it leads to toe worst of sins: pride.How do you keep pride in...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsCan you think of anything you could point to in your life that would describe how you follow Jesus in contrast to the world?Can you identify people that our culture deems “outsiders”? What are some creative ways that...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat are some practical ways as to what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus in 2022?Are there any goals you have to be more like Jesus this year?Do you resonate with the Gospel Jesus preaches in Mark 1:14-15? How...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRead Genesis 22:1-19Does the Lord function as the true center of my life? To answer this question, consider what you look to for your identity, satisfaction, significance, worth, and joy.Abraham completely trusted in...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsRead over Luke 19.45-20.48Why do the chief priests and the teachers of the law reject Jesus? How does the parable or the tenants explain that rejection? What does Jesus think lies at the root of our unwillingness to...Neil Martin
Sermon Application QuestionsRod talked about Paul having over 40 prayers in the New Testament. Is prayer an essential part of your life?Look at 1 Thessalonians chapter 1: How would this relate to our current climate?Read 1 Thess. 3:11-14:Do you...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsWhen you think of prayer throughout your life, what are some milestones, memories, or ways you have grown & changed over the years?What are some aspects or life applications of the love of Christ that you have...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsLooking ahead into the business of the Fall, what are some ways you are planning on making room for Jesus?Which of the seven deadly sins did you feel the most challenged by and what practical steps are you taking to...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsAs Brian mentioned, gluttony is consuming and keeping more than you... (fill in the blank)In what ways do you see the sin of gluttony around you? In what ways do you see it in your own life?Have you ever considered...Brian Robinson
Sermon Application QuestionsHow can we talk to young people about sex and avoid causing fear and shame, while at the same time inspiring respect/responsibility regarding this topic?Which part of the David and Bathsheba story struck you the...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
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