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Sermon Application QuestionsWhat are some practical ways as to what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus in 2022?Are there any goals you have to be more like Jesus this year?Do you resonate with the Gospel Jesus preaches in Mark 1:14-15? How...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRead Genesis 22:1-19Does the Lord function as the true center of my life? To answer this question, consider what you look to for your identity, satisfaction, significance, worth, and joy.Abraham completely trusted in...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsRead over Luke 19.45-20.48Why do the chief priests and the teachers of the law reject Jesus? How does the parable or the tenants explain that rejection? What does Jesus think lies at the root of our unwillingness to...Neil Martin
Sermon Application QuestionsRod talked about Paul having over 40 prayers in the New Testament. Is prayer an essential part of your life?Look at 1 Thessalonians chapter 1: How would this relate to our current climate?Read 1 Thess. 3:11-14:Do you...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsWhen you think of prayer throughout your life, what are some milestones, memories, or ways you have grown & changed over the years?What are some aspects or life applications of the love of Christ that you have...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsLooking ahead into the business of the Fall, what are some ways you are planning on making room for Jesus?Which of the seven deadly sins did you feel the most challenged by and what practical steps are you taking to...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsAs Brian mentioned, gluttony is consuming and keeping more than you... (fill in the blank)In what ways do you see the sin of gluttony around you? In what ways do you see it in your own life?Have you ever considered...Brian Robinson
Sermon Application QuestionsHow can we talk to young people about sex and avoid causing fear and shame, while at the same time inspiring respect/responsibility regarding this topic?Which part of the David and Bathsheba story struck you the...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsHow do we see Christians displaying anger? How do we see the world displaying it?Who am I angry at?What am I angry at?What are the differences between righteous anger and anger?Dan said the kingdom of heaven is a...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat does “the first shall be last and last shall be first” mean?What are some ways envy has worked its way into your life & the world around you?What are some ways you could communicate to the world around you...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat do you do when someone hurts you?What is forgiveness? Have you ever been in a season of unforgiveness or partial forgiveness? What was getting in the way of offering complete forgiveness to that person or people...Tim Bassett
Sermon Application QuestionsWhich of the 30+ Imperative statements made in chapters 12 & 13 has stuck with you the most in the past few weeks?What are some ways you as a group can imagine being a blessing to civil authority figures?What are...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat does Romans mean to you? What parts of this Letter have impacted you? And Why?Read Romans 15:14-20… What is the driving ambition of Paul’s life?How did this go for Paul? Read Acts 17:1-7? What is Paul up against?...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat experience, if any, have you had in the past when reading Romans?If we have indeed been brought into the family of God, what is one way you, have or, can confirm that in your everyday life?What type of person, or...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsJesus’ disciples in a boat: In terms of what, where, who... How is this a picture of the church?When it says that Peter, Andrew and John dropped their nets to follow Christ, why is this significant? What does it mean?...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat are some ways we can offer forgiveness to people in our world? What are some common situations where it’s easy to justify withholding forgiveness?What is conditional discipleship, and what are some common...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsWhat are some creative examples of how you—or people in your culture—have opportunities to live lifestyles shaped by the cross. (e.g. financial debt, forgiveness, refugees, social outcasts)How does the cross redefine...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRod talked about how Jesus wasn’t a measly victim to Roman soldiers.What does it mean to you to not think of Jesus as a victim of death?Peter gets out of the boat and walks – what a moment. Have you had moments in your...Rod VanSolkema
Sermon Application QuestionsRead John 18:1-14What has your understanding of Judas been in the past? Can you articulate his thinking in his conspiracy against Jesus?What are some patterns in American lifestyle that seem to seek or prize Glory...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRead John 16:16–33How did Danmike define “trouble” in this world?What does resurrection mean in light of the greatest trouble we face?How does knowing that God loves you affect the way you pray?What fears or...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
Sermon Application QuestionsRead John 16:1-15.Can you give any examples from your own life and culture where, similarly to vs 2, someone thought they were aligned with God but ultimately were not? What are some creative ideas about how to avoid...Daniel (DanMike) Thompson
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