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The Summer Triangle is a useful guidepost to many interesting deep sky objects, but it’s also a way to find other constellations nearby. For example, a popular little pattern among stargazers is Delphinus the Dolphin.Delta College Public Radio
If you look low in the southeast sky after dark, you’ll see a moderately bright star that doesn’t twinkle as much as the other stars. This is the famous ringed planet Saturn, and it recently made its closest approach to Earth.Delta College Public Radio
State parks throughout Michigan are sprucing up with federal funding. Nearly 200 schools are recognized by the Michigan Green Schools Program. Consumers Energy is holding community meetings on 13 dams in the state.Delta College Public Radio
Under a clear sky with no moon or light pollution, you should see it as a faint band of light that stretches overhead from roughly north to south. This band represents the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy, a huge spiral of some 200 billion stars.Delta College Public Radio
A regional group says the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law this week by President Biden is a historic win for Great Lakes restoration, clean drinking water, and public health. The Nature Conservancy is accepting entries throughout August for a global photo contest. Be on the lookout this month for the invasive Asian longhorned beetle.…
What determines how long a star like our Sun lives? It’s been around about four and a half billion years, so why hasn’t it burned out yet? Also, what about all the other stars in our galaxy? How long will they live? Let’s take a look at the lifecycle and lifespan of these celestial powerhouses.Delta College Public Radio
The Nature Conservancy says results of a “Soil Your Undies” campaign point to the benefits of healthy soil practices. State fish production and research also received a “fin up” in the new state budget.Delta College Public Radio
Migrating monarch butterflies have been listed as endangered. Michigan's environmental agency has been given a boost in funding. The Biden administration launched a website highlighting the health risks of extreme heat.Delta College Public Radio
How practical is solar energy and putting solar panels up on your roof? What exactly will that accomplish for the environment and for your finances? Today, we’re going to look at the practical aspects of powering your home and community with solar.Delta College Public Radio
Bay City recently received $80,000 from the Michigan Coastal Management Program to study and engineer resilient launching access for boats and paddlecraft. A Michigan island is one of a dozen sites selected for a national Department of Energy project. And the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association has selected Midland-based Little Forks Conservancy a…
After dusk, look about a third of the way up the eastern sky for a moderately bright star. It’s flanked by two fainter stars above and below it. This is Altair, the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila the Eagle.Delta College Public Radio
Hercules, the strong man of ancient mythology, rides high overhead in early summer. While its stars are not particularly bright, its most distinctive shape are the four stars in its center known as the Keystone.Delta College Public Radio
As evening twilight fades into night, look for three bright stars high in the east that form a giant triangle in the sky. Each belongs to its own constellation, but the triangle is a great way to “star hop” to areas of interest.Delta College Public Radio
It seems wrong to call Frank Lloyd Wright a "modern" architect - he was born just two years after the end of the Civil War. But he lived a long life and some of his buildings still look something that landed from outer space.Delta College Public Radio
Spiking electricity bills and blackouts could be in store this summer, an international One Water Gathering conference is set for this month in Alpena, and Beach Walks bring scientists into communities to discuss coastal hazards and Great Lakes water levels.Delta College Public Radio
How may planets do we know of outside of our solar system… beyond the influence of our Sun? When a planet is found to orbit a star other than the Sun, it is called an exoplanet. Currently, there are around 5,000 known exoplanets.Delta College Public Radio
A group of Consumers Energy customers are celebrating an agreement on the utility’s 15-year power plan as a transition from dirty coal to renewable energy.A six-month forecast predicts Great Lakes water levels will continue their seasonal rise over the next month.May is American Wetlands Month. Michigan has more than 275,000 acres of Great Lakes co…
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