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We have a special guest this week! We discuss last week's bets (2:15), the divisional round and the futures of the losing teams, preview the NFC and AFC championship games, discuss some Antonio Brown news, and make some new bets.Grant and Jonathan
We discuss our week 16 bets (2:20), The wildcard playoff round (3:30), the upcoming divisional round (34:20), the Antonio Brown situation (44:15), do out fantasy check-in in which we name our top 12 players for next year (49:30), and make new bets 1:17:15.Grant and Jonathan
Are these teams in trouble? The Rams (5:30), The Patriots (10:30), The Seahawks (17:30) and the Cowboys (19:15). Also, how good are the Bears and Chargers (27:15) and the Browns? (29:25). Fantasy check-in (34:25) and best bets (43:40)Grant and Jonathan
We review last week's bets (:52), discuss the Patriots problems (2:48), do our fantasy check in, including major Le'Veon news(16:08), do our best bets (1:05:50) and talk about the remaining options for survivor pools (1:09:08)Grant and Jonathan
We review last week's bet (2:43), The firing of Tyronn Lue (4:28), Klay Thompson's monster game (17:38), some surprising NBA standings (26:23), Houston's proposed trade for Jimmy Butler (48:03), and we FIX SOMETHING! (30:50)Grant and Jonathan
We review last week's NFL bets (2:52), do an extended fantasy check in, including discussion of the trades made at the trade deadline (11:20), talk some general NFL including best teams and Cleveland firings (39:45), make some new best bets (47:45), and finally talk about survivor pools (52:15).Grant and Jonathan
The NBA regular season is here and we wanna talk about it. We discuss potential award winners from this year. We also go over our bets from last week and make some new ones.Grant and Jonathan
We discuss the crazy quarterback play in the NFL, along with NBA Central Division seasonal over unders. Look out for a secret "let the Grant fix it segment" near the end of the show.Grant and Jonathan
Among the topics we go over are potential Jimmy Butler trade destinations and Le'Veon Bell trade destinations. We also lament our chosen bets when we COULD HAVE WON SOME MONEY FINALLY! (but didn't). And we light more money on fire.Grant and Jonathan
We discuss how our bets are going. Are we truly lighting money on fire? Spoiler: yes. We also discuss big NFL news involving Josh Gordon, halftime retirement, and Patrick Mahomes. NBA seasonal over under continue on with our discussion of the Northwest division.Grant and Jonathan
We discuss the bets we made last week and the bets we are making this week. We also chat about week 1's NFL action, and get into some preliminary NBA talk.Grant and Jonathan
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