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Heritage Baptist Church, Johannesburg

Heritage Baptist Church, Johannesburg

Heritage Baptist Church: Johannesburg, South Africa

Heritage Baptist Church exists by the grace of God and for the glory of God, which is the ultimate purpose of all our activities. We seek to glorify the God of Scripture by promoting His worship, edifying and equipping the saints, evangelizing the nations, planting and strengthening churches, calling other assemblies to biblical faithfulness and purity, encouraging biblical fellowship among believers and ministering to the needy, thus proclaiming and defending God’s perfect law and glorious ...
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n speaking about how Christians are to deal with each other, the Apostle Paul highlights that we should not lie to each other. Why is lying such an important sin we should avoid? Join us this evening as we consider the command to not lie to each other, and as we consider ways to obey it.
At some point, most Christians have grappled with the question of assurance of their salvation, especially when their walk is not as it should be. In the letter of 1 John, the Apostle provides us with the tools we can use to get the assurance we need or to be warned if our hope is false. We consider the text this Sunday…
In a world of one-upmanship, public humiliation, and pseudo compassion, Christians are to be those who sincerely encourage and build one another up in the most Holy Faith. Come and hear what Scripture teaches on this critical aspect of the Christian life that enables us to endure to the end.
Forgiveness is perhaps one of the hardest virtues to practice based on the number of times it is mentioned in the New Testament and the radical consequences for those who refuse to forgive, even though they are the ones who have been wronged. Come and learn the importance of forgiving one another and also where to find the strength to do it.…
In this sermon we consider the cost of discipleship. Those who would be Christ’s disciples must love their family less than they love Him, bear the cross and relinquish everything in service to Him. These are complementary ways of describing complete commitment to following Christ.
“Touch not the Lord’s anointed! Ever heard a big shot speaker use this term to silence any criticism? Well, come and learn what it really means as we study David’s Psalm of praise at the conclusion of the establishment of the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem.
"The Chronicler highlights the loyalty of all Israel to David as King. Through this account we are challenged to be loyal to our great King, Jesus Christ, as well as the fact that if we are to be mighty men and women in God’s Kingdom it will not occur without rigorous training in godliness."
In this series we will see the importance of identity as we study the genealogies in 1 Chronicles. We live in a time of restlessness, of existential angst in which multitudes are longing for some form of identity and belonging. Many are trying to find it in culture, ethnicity, clubs and societies but ultimate identity can only be found in Christ an…
This sermon concludes our short series on the New Testament office of Elder. Who are the elders? Why did the Lord Jesus give them to the church? What is the church’s relationship to them? And what are their lives to be like? In this sermon we consider their function in the church
This Lord’s Day we begin a short series on the New Testament office of Elder. Who are the elders? Why did the Lord Jesus give them to the church? What is the church’s relationship to them? And what are their lives to be like? We will begin to answer these questions as we consider the three titles of elders in the New Testament.…
Even though Paul boasts in his weakness regarding his sufferings, persecutions and calamities, the Corinthians must not confuse his weakness for powerlessness. In this next section of 2 Corinthians we will see the power of the resurrected Christ in dealing with those who continue in unrepentant sin.
This Lord’s Day we resume our series in 2nd Corinthians: Strength Through Suffering In this iconic passage the Apostle Paul shows us that true power in ministry and in the Christian life is not found in private revelations or ecstatic experiences but through humble delight in sufferings.
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