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Leslie looks at houses, Ron deals with kids, Jerry faces medical problems, Tom has a business idea, and Ben fields a job offer in a relatively packed episode of Parks & Rec. Meanwhile, Katy and Jacob enjoy the freedom that comes when Kirk’s honeymoon keeps him from recording.Ice Town Clowns
Leslie has to make compromises to get a bill she cares about to the finish line. Ben and April take a trip, and the Department takes on new responsibilities. Meanwhile, Katy and Kirk have some serious issues with Season 3 of “Riverdale”.Ice Town Clowns
When Leslie visits Ben in Washington, DC, the trip isn’t at all what she was hoping it would be. Meanwhile, Ron prepares a barbecue for the Parks Department staff. Katy, Jacob and Kirk are unimpressed with this episode, and struggle to stay on topic.Ice Town Clowns
Election Day has finally arrived, and Leslie and Ben await the results and debate a new opportunity for Ben. Meanwhile, Katy, Jacob and Kirk bid farewell to this iconic season and discuss what election nights are really like for campaign workers.Ice Town Clowns
When a hot shot Indianapolis reporter wants to interview Leslie it sets off an unfortunate chain of events. Andy faces down the final in his class, and Ron's luck in love highlights Chris's loneliness. Also, Katy and Jacob tackle this episode without Kirk for the first time ever.Ice Town Clowns
Leslie and Ben find Bobby's new campaign manager to be a real challenge, while Ron is forced to actually complete a project. Katy, Kirk and Jacob wonder about polls, Pawnee TV news, and how much the producers actually know about politics.Ice Town Clowns
Leslie loses perspective when she goes to great lengths to win the support of one unpleasant voter, Ron's worldview is thrown for a loop, and the staff try to raise funds amidst personal drama. Meanwhile, Kirk and Jacob are joined by Jessica Post, the executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.…
You probably think that combining three mediocre stories won't produce a great episode, and you are right. Katy and Kirk aren't amazed as Ben and Leslie bicker at the model UN, Chris gets even creepier, and Ron draws Tom into a really obvious trap.Ice Town Clowns
The Parks Department plays host to a local cult that is convinced the world is about to end... again. April and Andy take a crack at his bucket list. Tom throws one last party to say good-bye to Entertainment 720, and Katy couldn't be happier to see it go.Ice Town Clowns
Leslie falls victim to "GOTCHA!" journalism when an error is found in a book she just wrote. Ann tries to get Ron and April to talk to her. And someone is paying for city council election polls, and Katy, Kirk and Jacob want to know who it is!Ice Town Clowns
Leslie drags the staff out to the middle of nowhere for a camping retreat, and things do not go as planned. Katy and Kirk don't have Jacob on the show to help them this week, but they do have a special interview with Justin Wilson, the Vice Mayor of the City of Alexandria, Virginia, who has some thoughts about how well Parks & Rec captures the real…
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