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Paul loves the church in Corinth and wants to prepare them for a spiritual battleground. His lessons for them are just as important as they are for us. Do we know what weapons we can use and who our war is against?2 Corinthians 10Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Thomas revisits our Vision Sunday talk from February with the main focus on 'Roots Down, Spring Up'. He reminds us the importance of making sure that we are deep rooted in God and his church.Collossians 2 : 6-7Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
This week, Cherry talks about what it looks like to live generously. She gives practical suggestions for how to help others by using what is already in our hands and to give thanks to God for what He has given each one of us. Corinthians 8Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Thomas shares with us how Inverness Vineyard has been blessing the city over the last year. We are encouraged to ask God afresh how we as individuals can get involved with the churches vision and mission.Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
"David hears the battle cries, he hears the giant, he sees the giant, he hears his brothers anger at him being there, he hears Saul's doubts BUT he remains, he doesn't retreat. He is there for such at time as this. There is SO much to pull him away but he pushes further in"[ 1 Samuel 17 ]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Stuart kicks off a new series called From Rubble to Restoration. He begins by encouraging us to pray like Nehemiah - weeping for the people, remembering God's promises, and preparing our own hearts before the Lord.[ Nehemiah ch. 1]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Thomas kicks off this new series by looking at what Jesus did with a small lunch brought to him by a small boy. He reminds us that what we bring to God matters, and it is all needed, now more than ever.[ John 6:1-15 ]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Guest speaker, Taryn Freeland, is lead pastor at Catalyst Vineyard and VCUKI regional director for Scotland. Through the story of Gideon, she brings us an important message about capacity and the limits we place on ourselves[ Judges 6:11-16 ]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
John Wright, Senior Pastor of Trent Vineyard and National Director of Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland, shares a great message with us. He looks at four things which have accelerated during the pandemic, and unpacks how the church functioning as God designed it to, addresses them.Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Thomas brought the next in our series "one another" looking at how we bear the burdens of one another. Who are your Aaron and Hur? When you feel you are losing the battle, when you’ve mucked up, when you’re in the dark place, when you can't muster the energy to get up and go again... who are the folk that are going to raise your arms to carry on?[ …
Senior pastor of Belfast Vineyard, Andy Smith, shares a message from the book of Acts this Pentecost Sunday, and explores three points. The Holy Spirit falls on the structure of our lives; the Holy Spirit falls in the midst of pressure & tension; the Holy Spirit falls and then we are sent.Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Guest speaker, Charles Montgomery, is a campus pastor at Vineyard Columbus in Ohio and shares an uplifting message with us during this "wilderness" of the Covid pandemic. He encourages us to put first things first, believe the Lord will provide for our needs, bless others with the excess that we have, and trust God one day at a time.[ Exodus 16 ]…
Cherry urges us all to follow the example of the bleeding woman in Luke chapter 8. Jesus is eager to meet us in times of pain, need and desperation - all we must do is reach out for him and keep clinging on![ Luke 8:40-48 ]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Thomas leads us in celebrating all that God has done in and through us over the last year and shares the vision for the months ahead. Jesus came that we may have life to the full - this year he is calling us deeper into community, connection & courage![ John 10:10 ]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
Eleanor closes this series by encouraging us to emotionally engage with the Bible when it seems abrasive, challenging or uncomfortable to us. When we open up our hearts as we read God's word, He will always meet us in our honesty![ Philippians 4:10-13 ]Inverness Vineyard Sunday Talks
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