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Wharton’s Katy Milkman talks to behavioral scientist Maya Shankar about her career, which has taken her from the White House to her current role as senior director of behavioral economics at Google, and about what it takes to change people's minds.Knowledge@Wharton
From free food to million-dollar lotteries, there’s no shortage of incentives to entice Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccine. But Wharton’s Iwan Barankay says these efforts won’t increase vaccine uptake when socioeconomic barriers remain in the way.Knowledge@Wharton
The American Families Plan would cost significantly more than the Biden administration's estimate of $1.8 trillion, according to a new analysis by the Penn Wharton Budget Model. But the plan’s proposals for free education would help to offset some of those costs in the long run.Knowledge@Wharton
In an interview about his new book ‘The Platform Paradox,’ Wharton’s Mauro Guillén explains why digital platforms can dominate some markets while floundering in others, and what it takes to create a successful global strategy.Knowledge@Wharton
In an updated and expanded edition of her book ‘The Shopping Revolution,’ Wharton’s Barbara Kahn examines the retailers that have been most successful during the pandemic and in the face of other enormous changes in the industry.Knowledge@Wharton
What defines a “wow” depends on the shopper and type of store, but hassle-free customer support is at the top of the list, according to a recent study from Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center and The Verde Group.Knowledge@Wharton
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