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Lokeshvara Explores the role of persistence in continuously trying to change self and the world, while at the same time remaining at ease with oneself and the world as it is. This paradox is vital, hard to do, intensely rewarding and possible to resolve.Melbourne Buddhist Centre
Rapture is a translation for the Pali word Piti, and it also means joy, delight and enthusiasm. I want to describe why I think it’s essential for a good life, how to go looking for it, and how to avoid both cynicism and hedonism.Melbourne Buddhist Centre
Maitripala shares some of the insights of the Melbourne leg of her pilgrimage and the stories of the people she has met along the way. Keep up-to-date with the pilgrimage at Talk given at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre on May 26th.Melbourne Buddhist Centre
Mahasiddhi from Birmingham – in the context of his work as a Buddhist Chaplain – explores Maitri, meaning, and relationships with the sick and dying. Talk given at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre on May 12th 2016.Melbourne Buddhist Centre
On March 17th, Maitripala began her 14 month Dharma teaching pilgrimage around Australia. Hear her discuss what this pilgrimage will involve. Keep up-to-date with her progress at Talk given on March 17th 2016.Melbourne Buddhist Centre
Abhaya shares his experience of the early years of the Triratna Buddhist Community in the late 1960s and his friendship with its founder Bhante Sangharakshita. Talk delivered at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre on December 10th 2015.Melbourne Buddhist Centre
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