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Conservation Chat, hosted by anthropologist Jacqueline Comito, is a podcast series that explores the relationship between conservation, soil, water, agriculture, and the people of Iowa. This is accomplished through thoughtful interviews with farmers and rural and urban residents about conservation and water quality in the state. Comito is the Director of Iowa Learning Farms, an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach program that has been building a culture of conservation statewide for ...
Did You Know continues the mission of Iowa State Extension and Outreach, bringing you well researched information about, well, everything. It brings the University to you! Did You Know is a collaborative production of ISU Extension and Outreach and Siouxland Public Media.
Welcome to TruthFM! Our mission is to provide you with uplifting, transformational & diverse content inspired by the Holy Spirit to empower you to live your best life in Christ daily. We hope you enjoy these podcasts of our morning show - True Living. To catch the live show (6am - 8am PST M-F), download our "TruthFM" app (look for the app with our station logo) on IOS or Android.
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This is a chat with Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, as a part of the Iowa Learning Farms monthly webinar series. We talk about water quality, conservation and Secretary Naig fields questions from folks who attended both on-line and in-person.
Adam Janke is an assistant professor and an Extension wildlife specialist at Iowa State University. With research and outreach, Adam hopes to increase wildlife populations in agricultural landscapes in Iowa for generations to come.
Ben and Andy Johnson farm in northeast Iowa where conservation is at the heart of their production. While they appreciate the soil and water quality benefits of the different practices, the brothers say they do conservation because it saves them time.
As Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s Watershed Program Coordinator, David Stein’s job (and passion) is to help establish “corridors” of habitats throughout central Iowa with a goal of increasing pollinators, wildlife, improving water quality and soil health.
Daniel Robison is Iowa State University’s new dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Robison comes to ISU from West Virginia University and has degrees in forestry, silviculture and forest influences and forest entomology.
Marty Adkins spent decades with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service working to leave Iowa’s natural resources in better shape than when he started. He did this by listening and connecting with all the major conservation stakeholder groups.
Ingrid Gronstal Anderson is the new Water Program Director for the Iowa Environmental Council. Jennifer Terry is the Executive Director. Both Ingrid and Jenn are passionate about the state and dedicated to restoring Iowa’s waters so all can enjoy them.
Pat Boddy is a Renaissance woman: an agricultural engineer, water resources expert, accomplished harpist and respected community leader. Pat is driven by a love of science and nature, particularly water and the impact of climate change on our world.
Matt Helmers, director of the Iowa Nutrient Research Center, and Jamie Benning, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Water Quality Program Manager, discuss the research, opportunities and challenges facing the state as they work to improve Iowa's water quality.
Did you know toddler tantrums are an expression of both the desire for choices AND the need for limits? If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a temper tantrum, you fully realize parenting is not for the faint of heart. On this episode of Did You Know, Lori Hayungs, ISU Extension and Outreach Human Sciences Specialist in Family Life, discusses…
Wanna know the secret of effective evangelism (reaching your world with the love of Christ)? Check this out! Catch our TrueLiving show live on TruthFM M - F between 6am to 8am, 11am - 1pm or 5pm - 7pm PST. To Tune in, listen on our website or download our app: truthfmlive.com
Ever felt intimated about living out your faith at the workplace without getting "weird"? This one is for you! Check it out! Catch our TrueLiving show live on TruthFM M - F between 6am to 8am, 11am - 1pm or 5pm - 7pm PST. To Tune in, listen on our website or download our app: truthfmlive.com
Did you know thanks to the local food movement, a whole new generation has taken an interest in canning and food preservation. What’s old is new again, but are the old recipes and methods safe? On this episode of Did You Know we visit with Renee Sweers, ISU Extension and Outreach Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. Renee discusses the latest science…
Ben Johnson purchased his first farm in northeast Iowa with his brother Andy when he was a sophomore at Iowa State University and has been farming his own land for 20 years. Conservation saves him one of his most valued resources on the farm: time.
Did you know last year in Iowa nearly 2000 Master Gardeners volunteered over 119,000 hours for community garden and beautification projects. Who are Master Gardeners? Master Gardeners come from a variety of backgrounds. They are passionate about serving their communities and sharing gardening best practices. They are individuals who have taken the …
Sean McMahon is the Executive Director for the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance. With 20+ years of experience in conservation and agriculture, Sean works with key partners to champion farmer engagement and adoption of practices that improve water quality.
Did you know the way a community takes care of its elders and the walkability of a small town has direct correlations to quality of life? On this episode of Did You Know, we visit with Abbie Gaffey, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development Specialist. Abbie shares her expertise in community development along w…
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