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Лучшие подкасты по теме Symfony, которые мы смогли найти (обновлено Августа 2020)
Лучшие подкасты по теме Symfony, которые мы смогли найти
Обновлено Августа 2020
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The band is back together. Fabien's grand (8-part) unveiling of Symfony Flex has inspired us to get together and talk about all the exciting new things waiting for us in the upcoming Symfony 4. Tune in to find out what's happening and to get our take on Symfony Flex, the new directory structure, makefiles, and much more.…
In another of our conference specials, Tobias, Magnus and Ryan is live from Symfony Catalunya 2016 in Barcelona. We talk about the conference, and, trying make the most of being around some of the experts in the community, we talk to Marc Morera and Michael Cullum about building local PHP communities.Photo credit: Jeremy Mikola…
Having recovered from SymfonyCon and had happy holidays, Sound of Symfony is back on the ether(net).This week we talk about what we'd like to see in upcoming versions of PHP and Symfony.You might be wondering what happened to Episode 10. Do not worry. That one turned out to be slightly tricky to edit. Instead of making you wait though, we went ahea…
Sound of Symfony is back from its unplanned hiatus and launching a new format. We're also switching things up, and add two new co-hosts, Ryan Weaver and Jared Farrish.This episode's topic is "How has Symfony kept up".Photo credit: Knotberget angle station by Arvid Rudling (CC-BY).Sound of Symfony
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