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A show dedicated to discussing the sport of natural bodybuilding. Episodes include interviews with the biggest names in the sport, coverage of recent shows, as well as round-table discussions concerning training and nutrition. We are focused on educating athletes with information supported by both scientific research and personal experience. Bodybuilding continues to be one of the only sports in which athletes make decisions based on outdated research or purely anecdotal evidence. Our goal i ...
AWOL Talk Radio: a contemporary, compelling, upbeat and controversial forum for today's problems and solutions. Susan talks about what she calls, "the un-speakables," things you may not want to discuss at the dinner table. You will laugh and cry along with Susan and her callers. Be entertained and informed with her weekly Who's-Who guests of celebrities, scholars, experts and average everyday people who share their own experience, strength and courage about life and it's "issues!"
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On today’s episode of Table Talk Radio we try an remember to discuss our Buzzwords and then play the games 10 Commandments In The News and throw in a little Bible Bee just for added mediocrity. Keep listening for Extra Media after the regular show.Rev. Evan Goeglein
On today’s episode of Table Talk Radio we discuss feminized patriarchy and play Name That Holy Week Theologian, 10 Commandments In The News and, of course, we have Buzzwords. Oh, and you get a bonus segment if you listen past the normal end of the show.Rev. Evan Goeglein
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