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On this week’s belated by a week show! Adnan is outta priz, Mike Rowe Rowells into town, The Banner Backlash, and of course, at long last! The Quantum Leap sequel series is released and discussed! Wheeeeeeeee!!! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! City That Breeds
Afternoon Delightisode! Also a Hodgepodgisode as Bryan and Evan dicuss the Asian Night Market, shopping for clothes as an elder Millennial, fast food breakfast, She Hulk (Attorney at Law) episode 2, House of the Dragon and more! Wow! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! City That Breeds
On this week’s show, MOVING SUCKS, Federal Hill is wilin’ out (debatedebly), HOT SHE HULK CHAT (coz she is very attractive) and a discussion of the shockingly large number and variety of Predators (the movie kind) in film and on paper. Wow! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! City That Breeds
Sam Sessa joins the show to discuss his music documentary “Do Whatever You Want All the Time,” which covers the scene in Baltimore from 2005-2020 – in 25 minutes!! – next showing is Sept 8th at the Creative Alliance. Speaking of the Creative Alliance, a 5th Element Interactive movie night will be featured there August 27th (tickets here!). ALSO, Sa…
Not very good news in Baltimore as it pertains to all things Squeegee, a very decent sounding Orioles game, every TMNT ever, and the season finale of The Boys round off the topics du jweek on this CTB Show. JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! City That Breeds
On this CTB Show! Baltimore’s sad sports scene, the Baltimore Banner debuts a crime analysis, and a pop culture roundup including Obiwan, Stranger Things and a late to the party discussion of Doctor Strange 2. JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! City That Breeds
On this week’s show, Pool Season begins and the pretty much racist history of Baltimore’s pools is discussed. Then, some hot birthday chat, Hot HONFest Takes, More Mosby Malarky and on the pop culture roundup Shredder’s Revenge and The Boys Season 3. Wow! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW!…
John de Campos and Lucas Gerace from Terrible Games (, check out their big fat even at No Land Beyond on June 18th!) to discuss their longly long long developed board game Token Terrors! The ins and outs of board game development, almost being on Shark Tank and the possibilities of licensing are discussed. There’s also a magic t…
This week! An interview with Vince Andrews, who is in the running for the state delegate seat in the 46th district. As Brooke Lierman vacates her seat to run for State Comptroller, it’s a four candidate showdown for the election. Learn more about him at the 16:00 mark. You can read about his campaign here: …
BROS updates, Bow Tie Bob Clones, the annual popularity contest (PLEASE VOTE FOR THE CITY THAT BREEDS PODCAST HERE) wrapup, HOT SHE HULK CHAT and We Own This City episode 4. It’s quite the hootenanny! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! City That Breeds
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